Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd is fake or Fraud ?

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Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is fake

The first thought that comes to everybody’s mind when they hear the terms ‘network marketing’ and ‘Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd’ is – “they are the absolute scammers.” Well, I can’t debate on that because these are the people who know nothing about network marketing and how it works.

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is one of the biggest network marketing companies in the country, probably the company who elaborated ‘digital marketing’ for the budding entrepreneurs.

People blabbing CIPL Fake or CIPL Fraud slogans don’t know that never before in human history, there have been these many opportunities to build and develop your very own business.

I call myself an ‘unexpected entrepreneur.’ Before, I was everything but not an entrepreneur. You won’t imagine someone like me doing business or anything that involves so much interaction and socializing with people! Network Marketing and Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd genuinely changed my and other people’s lives.

I don’t know why network marketing is often given a bad rap in India even though Indian Law clearly states that multilevel marketing companies or network marketing companies are a legitimate business.

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is a known Corporate Society that has gained so much popularity amongst the Indian Market. Started from the scratch, today, it is a big chain of associates and entrepreneurs who have provided the dreamers with an opportunity to do good something with their lives.

Everything in this world gets two kinds of responses, either positive or negative; there is no in between. It is like a movie, some likes it and others don’t. It is all about the audience, every business has a target audience. For all I know people who failed to work truly or haven’t earned through Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd are the ones spreading rumors about CIPL Fake or fraud.

These are the people who failed to understand how network marketing business actually works and anyhow tried their hands in that. For all the haters who sing the songs of CIPL Fake or CIPL Fraud, Corporate Society works properly under the law.

ROC Certificate of CS:


As you all know that every business in India has to be registered under the Companies Act 1956. Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is registered under this Act, meaning the Indian Government allows CIPL to develop and operate its business legally. And as a proof of registration, the Government has provided the company with registration certificate known as “Form – 1 Certificate of Incorporation.” The certificate has been authorized by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). You can match this Corporate Identity Number (CIN) – U72300DL2007PTC1559 with the ROC certificate.

Still believe CIPL Fake or illegal? Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd was registered at New Delhi on 18th December 2007, and Mr. Mahesh Chandra Saxena, NCTDH; Registrar of Companies (ROC) signed the accord.

Ministry of Corporal Affairs (MCA) Approval:


If you want more proof of the legality of CIPL, the company has got MCA Approval. If you have any doubt, check out this link

Open this link and search Corporate Infocom in the name field to get the verified name of Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.


I don’t know what more proof you want, I have laid it all.

Now that you know Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is not ‘fake’ and is absolutely ‘legal’ it is time to make you understand how it works and what its functionalities are.

People often mistake CIPL for a company that offers pyramid schemes. For understanding how CIPL works, you need to understand the true meaning of network marketing. To help you understand what multilevel marketing or network marketing is, I must first clarify what it isn’t.

For starters, it is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are programs similar to multilevel marketing where individuals invest money in certain products based on the promise that the invested money will filtrate back to them and they somehow will get rich.

To be honest, you people should curse the Pyramid schemes because they are strictly money games with no literal foundation in real commerce. It is just money changing hands and maybe there is product involved. However, I have heard that the modern-day pyramids may include products but it is simply to cover the money game.

Now, understanding network marketing through Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. As you know that CIPL is a legitimate company, it means that network marketing is a legitimate business. It is based on providing people with products that they actually need at a fair price. People claiming that people involved with businesses like CIPL make a lot of money illegally, they need to understand that people do make a whole lot of money through a network or multilevel marketing, but it is not because of they are selling fake products and promises. Their financial benefit is based on their dedicated efforts in building a company that sells authentic products and services.

Since I first started with CIPL, I get to know that it is all about partnerships, professional relationships and more importantly, friendships. Today, I have got friends all over the world. People I have most likely never known are now a big part of my life. After joining CIPL, I came to know that the real meaning of happiness is to see your friends and colleagues succeed in life and I have got the privilege to be alongside them during their journey which was literally fun and fulfilling.

Network marketing and Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd has provided a platform for lots of aspirants to explore the world, do business, make others happy, and enjoy life. People often claim that network marketing is all about taking advantage of the people you know including your family, relatives, and friends.

In reality, that’s how Pyramids work. They are illegal and those involved in that will not think for a second before taking advantage of you. For an individual to actually make some money in a pyramid scheme, he/she will make others lose money through shady schemes.

That’s not how CIPL works. Those narrating the slogans of CIPL Fake, CIPL Fraud to the outside world, they should know that CIPL has taught many of us how to multiply our efforts, talents, and skills by helping other people to be successful.

Let me tell you a real fact. Ten years ago, startups and small businesses in India were struggling to cope with the harsh competition. The business owners didn’t actually know how to expand or even survive the completion. As you all know that no business is successful without an effective marketing strategy.

If you are a business owner then you know how difficult it is to market a product or service even in the age of the internet. Then imagine how difficult it was ten years ago. CIPL bought a revolution in the marketing industry with the introduction of Digital Marketing. Today, more than 70% of the business owners, bloggers, startups, etc are blooming because of CIPL. How? Well, those who are marketing negatives about CIPL were once part of the organization.

You don’t know, but recently the blogging industry really took a big jump. The numbers of bloggers you see today know the essence of digital marketing. You won’t believe but most of the bloggers were once part of CIPL. They got the exposure of digital marketing and today, it has emerged as a multi-million dollar industry.

The funny thing about this is those successful people who are saying bad things about Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd were once part of the organization. At that time, they failed to understand the concepts and hence framed CIPL as illegal and fraud. But the exposure they got from CIPL allowed them to understand how things work, but I believe that they don’t admit it. But I know that deep down they know what they have achieved today is all because of CIPL.

Google AdSense, nobody knew what that was until CIPL introduced it. Yes, that’s the truth! The reason for the revolution of the digital marketing industry is the AdSense and CIPL brought it to India. Nobody knew about it before.

Today, you can see the difference high-quality ads make. CIPL is the only organization that caters IT products that too being a network marketing company. What more you need?

Network marketing is a simple model and still, I find it difficult to understand why people struggle to accept it. People saying on CIPL Quora about the company being fraud and illegal are not used to the business model. It is all about genuinely helping others while earning some income and where’s illegality in that; I don’t understand.

What’s wrong with some of the people is that they get immediately suspicious about things that are different. My advice to those people is that never review such things before you have completely explored it and understood it. The same goes for CIPL as well, those who claim CIPL Fraud, fake haven’t actually explored and understood the company to the deep.

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd currently offers four IT-related products, they include;

  • Mobile site builder – lets anyone develop a mobile version of a website
  • Domain and Web Package
  • Corporate online institute of Professional learning – offers advanced technology and computer course
  • CSEASYWEB – an advanced website creator designed for quick creation and management of websites

These are genuine products, the products that are much needed for every individual, especially the youth looking for a career growth.

Network marketing is now an established and mature industry and companies like Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd has a strong track record, there’s no denying that. The impressive financial sales statistics and a team of hundreds of associates make it one of the companies envied by the traditional corporate.

You don’t need a big capital if you want to be a part of network marketing industry nor you need employees, minimum quotas, geographical limitations, and not even special education or skills. CIPL has taught me how people-to-people business takes place and if you tend to work accordingly to the people’s need, you will see a significant expansion of your bank account as well as friends. For all that I know, CIPL is a business organization that has enabled me to travel while working, have fun and enjoys the lifestyle that I always dreamed of.

There are a lot of people positive giving cipl reviews now its your choice.

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