These Drug stories by your favorite celebrities will change the way you think about them

Fame needs to be protected a lot. Fame and Success often come with a high price, which one has to pay. Celebrities too have become a prey of Drug addiction. Some have overcome it but some have died too because of this habit. Stars believe that they will overcome the pressure of fame with the help of drugs and alcohol, and some have exceptional amount of money than they could spend and hence, start spending it on Drugs. The following Drug stories about your favorite celebrities will change the way you think about them. They have overcome the biggest battle in their lives.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was a very wild child, and received stardom in a very tender age. She always had been very candid with her fans and hence, the same helped to tell them about her addiction.
The real reason, behind the drug addiction of Gaga was to cope up with the new popularity she received, in the early days of her career. The pressure she had planted herself in and the pressure everybody had put on her to perform well, were also the reasons for her to fall in the pit of addiction.
She had to smile, even when she was sad, because she felt this was expected of her. She started using Cocaine to chase away her loneliness. She would sit at home and do cocaine on her own, and would write music while she was high, unlike other party- animal stars.
She has left her wild past behind her and has moved far ahead with her life. Lady Gaga also advises and inspires her fans not to fall in the trap of drugs and lead a happy and healthy life.

2. Brad Pitt

One of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood now, Brad Pitt also had an unexpectedly shocking past. Considered to be a real role-model now, Brad Pitt, father of six, was on the verge of falling apart. He had a very hard time to get accustomed to the popularity.
In the 90s, when he just got famous and probably was the most handsome and wanted male actor, he could have easily wasted his chance. To forget all his problems, he started smoking Marijuana, and would lie all day long and do nothing. He was married to Jennifer Anniston, during this phase in his life.
Luckily, he never transitioned to any other drug and decided to stop wasting his life and spoiling his career after meeting Angelina. Now, he is a successful family man and one of the top- actors of Hollywood.

3. Oprah Winfrey

The great Oprah Winfrey too couldn’t resist the addiction of drugs. Winfrey has suffered a lot in her life and still today she stands strong in front of everyone, becoming a role- model for all the women out there. Winfrey had to go through a lot of thick and thin in her life cycle, she has lost her child, faced abuse and had to also live in extreme poverty.
She was introduced to cocaine, by a man she was involved with in her twenties, and soon she became addicted to it. Oprah, let out this secret of hers during an interview with women who were drug users. She got emotional and couldn’t help but admit to the fact she could relate to them because she is also one of them.
Winfrey was well aware that it was not the drug that she was addicted to, but the man she was involved with. Once she realized the problem, she sought help and got clean.
She made a decision to turn her life around and find meaning in helping others, which she is still doing.

4. Zac Efron

The High School Musical Star, Zac Efron is every girl’s dream. Young girls drool over him and expect their boyfriends to be like him. But he also has a dark secret- he was struggling with drug addiction. Watching him on big screens we wouldn’t have ever guessed-this cute- looking guy can be going through such problems, but in 2014, Zac admitted his problem, in the Bear Grylls’ survival show, where he was invited as a guest.
Zac efron felt very light after letting this secret out from his mind and not pretending to be someone he is not. He also mentioned that in between shoots, he needed to let loose himself. Zac efron hated Monday and it was difficult for him to get through the week without alcohol and drugs. He also said in Hollywood as a young star “everything is thrown at you”, which made him a little scared and he soon found himself, surrounded by temptations that he couldn’t resist.
He was strong enough and admitted everything and zac also said that he wouldn’t take anything back as, he realized it was a mistake and he has learnt a lot from it.
He believes ‘it’s a never- ending struggle’ and has to believe in himself. Zac efron has turned his life around by going to the rehab and remaining strong.

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful and successful actress in the Hollywood. Now a mother of 6 is well-known for her dark past. As a young girl she was extremely self-conscious and self- destructive. Not only she got addicted to drugs but also tried to commit suicide twice.
According to sources, it is believed, Jolie by the age of 20 had tried every drug possible. She would take combined cocaine and heroin and wouldn’t care about what people thought about her, if somebody saw her.
She first started drugs because of her loneliness in her youth. Angelina felt she didn’t belong where she was and hence, drugs helped her to numb her pain.
After the adoption of Maddox, she was confident enough that she will come out of this dark face in her life.
Now, she certainly has found meaning of her life, with her husband and kids, and her successful career. She also believes in doing humanitarian work for those who are still stuck in life and feels grateful that she was able to come out of her dark times.

All stars are considered to be role-models and help people to get inspired by them. These stories of celebrities will surely change the way how you think about them.

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