They say seeing is believing, but these 10 artists will make you question that



They say seeing is believing, but these artists will make you question that

You will be truly surprised by the things a human can do with his/her creativity. Humans are truly amazing, and when they put their mind to crafting artistic work, the result can be mesmerizing. Here is a list of 10 artists from across the world that have unquestionable talent and create work that you have to see to believe.

1. Diego Fazio


Known to the Deviantart users as DiegoKoi, this self-taught Italian artist creates unbelievable paintings by using a pencil only. He started as a tattoo artist at the age of 22, but later on realised that he actually preferred drawing bodies themselves rather than on them. You will get really suspicious when you see a painting made by Diego Fazio and some of them have fooled themselves by saying that the pictures were actually captured by a camera. He is one of the many artists who works with a printer like efficiency working from right to left with pencil and charcoal.

2. Robin Eley


The works of Robin Eley are actually oil paintings, and many people have fooled themselves for these paintings as a photographed image. He is one of those artists whose work with oil paintings is mesmerising and  it really takes a good eye to see the paint strokes. Robin Eley spends at least five weeks on a single painting, working around 90 hours a week.

3. Gottfried Helnwein


Gottfried is an Irish visual artist and has worked as a draftsman, muralist, installation and performance artist, painter and photographer. He is one of the artists whose work is primarily concerned with sociological and psychological anxiety, political topics and historical issues. Gottfried Helnwein focuses on watercolour to craft photorealistic portraits.

4. Kamalky Laureano


Kamalky hails from Mexico City. This Dominican artist creates stunningly realistic images using acrylics as his professed medium. He says that for him, painting should be a reflection of life itself and this can be seen on his work too. He comes under those artists who have mastered this art with acrylics.

5. Yigal Ozeri


He is one of those artists who is known for his female-oriented oeuvre. His unique and refined techniques bring his models to life in all their beauty and susceptibility. His work depicts a positive message of hope, freedom and love of life.

6. Taner Ceylan


Taner Ceylan is a German-born Turkish photo-realist artist. The 47-year-old artist makes impressive, often erotically charged photorealist works that delicate moot topics around the Orientals and national identity.

7. Andrew Talbot


Born in a dairy farm, Andrew Talbot could draw and paint from the age of 13. He undertook a variety of art work and associated business until he fully returned to do what he wanted to do most. Andrew Talbot is an unusually versatile artist with a wide range of subject matter. But his more recurring themes include interiors, still life, figures and farm animals.

8. Roberto Bernardi


Born in Italy, Bernardi started to paint at a very young age, and his first works in oils date back to the first half of the 80s. His obsession for detail and learning of pictorial techniques can be seen in his paintings. He brings still life images to life with a stunning dynamic in colour and style.

9. Gregory Thielker


His hyper-realistic work connects to specific places and calls into question the way acceptance and narrative can often command understanding and perception. He uses painting and drawing to investigate the appreciation of site through observation and memory. He uses graphic materials like graphite as in pencil and oil paint.

10. Ruth Tyson


Ruth Tyson primarily works with graphite and water colour pencils but also occasionally works with inks and acrylic paints. Though she had no formal art education but always had a keen interest in drawing since childhood. Her hyper-realist work can be fooled for a photograph as she has revisited her old passion for drawing and developed her skills in the pursuit of achieving photo-realistic techniques.


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