How To Create Engaging Short Videos On HiPi?

HiPi is a free video editing app that allows you to create short videos with a duration limit of 15 seconds. This article will show you how to record your videos, edit them on HiPi and share them with the world using different social media platforms.

What Is HiPi?

HiPi is the best short video app for creating, editing, and sharing videos. The users can create their own engaging short videos with just a few taps. Users can shoot on the go or upload existing footage to turn it into a one-minute masterpiece!

HiPi offers various filters, text stickers, and other creative features for the best video experience. This best short video app is free to download on Android devices! The app is also set to be launched on the iOS platform soon.

Steps To Create A Short Video On HiPi

  • Tap the camera icon to start recording your short video. The timer in the top corner will start counting down from five seconds
  • To stop and save, tap the power button or slide it until you hear a beep sound. This saves your draft
  • Once finished with editing, press upload for it to be submitted.

Don’t forget to use enticing captions and hashtags to provide your video with an ideal reach on the best short video app.

What Are The Tips To Create Best Short Videos?

Now that you have learned how you can create and upload your short videos on this app, let us learn some of the tips and tricks to create engaging videos that get maximum views:

1). Smart and creative video titles

Titles are the best way to grab people’s attention. Keep your title short, catchy, and descriptive. It should also contain keywords that you want to be associated with your content to rank higher in search results for those terms.

2.) Voice-over

A voice-over is usually a person who talks the viewer through what they see on screen. This gives context to images with no words associated with them and can help explain difficult concepts in more depth than possible by presenting information solely visually.

3.) Clear explanations

Cutting out all the unnecessary words can make a video much more succinct. If you’re explaining something or teaching how to do something, cut down on any fillers and get straight to what’s important.

4.) The best time to post

The best time to post a video is usually when people are most interested in your niche. If you’re releasing a new product, for example, posting it on the day of release would be ideal.

5.) Quality matters

Don’t be afraid to invest in good quality video equipment. It’s worth it, and the better your footage is, the more people will want to watch it.


HiPi is the best short video app that allows you to record and edit short videos with ease. It does not take up too much storage on your phone, so it’s perfect for those who like to keep their phones free of clutter.



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