10 common oral health mistakes



10 common oral health mistakes

Humans have to perform certain daily habits like brushing our teeth with proper care, in order to exist in a healthy manner. Every one of us performs this simple activity daily. Our mouth is a window that showcases the health of our body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies. However, people who are not well aware of proper oral hygiene habits often make mistakes. Here are some common oral health mistakes people make.

Applying adequate amount of pressure while brushing


Some people tend to brush too hard. They apply a lot of pressure while brushing. This is a wrong approach and affects your oral health. If you have vertical lines on your tooth enamel, it is because you are brushing too hard. Applying excess pressure may corrode your enamel, making your tooth more prone to decay.

Frequent brushing


People think that brushing their teeth frequently a lot of times will help them get shinier, white teeth. This is a problem because it can damage the tooth enamel if being constantly brushed and your gums will start to bleed as well. The recommended time for brushing is two times a day for 2-3 minutes.

Infrequent brushing


Some people do no brush often enough. They just rinse their mouth with mouth wash or just water. It is not enough as rinsing does not completely remove the bacteria and food particles in between the teeth. It damages the tooth enamel as your tooth becomes on the verge of decay.

Brushing just after eating


Certain foods contain acids and one should wait after a meal because brushing after eating them may cause tooth abrasion. It is necessary to wait a while after eating as the saliva in your mouth will overcome these acids.

Not using a mouthwash


Mouth wash is mandatory. Liquids can get into every nooks and edges of the teeth where floss and bristles of the toothbrush cannot. Thus, cleaning in a very effective manner. It also disinfects the whole mouth, removing pieces of any food matter that went untouched by the toothbrush.

Not cleaning your tongue


Our tongue is the biggest breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms. You must not ignore it. Rinsing your mouth after every meal is a must and don’t forget to use a tongue cleaner.

Overuse of mouthwash


If mouth wash is frequently used, it is harmful as it dries out the mucous membranes, disabling them to produce required amount of saliva. Saliva is important as it lubricates your teeth and fights bacteria.

Not washing your mouth after every meal


Rinsing your mouth after every meal helps in removal of food particles that get stuck in between your teeth and mouth. It also helps in reducing the acidity in your mouth and prevents bad breath.

Not cleaning your toothbrush


Everybody does not buy a new toothbrush each day for brushing. Thus, it is necessary to properly clean your toothbrush after every use as it can attract germs and breed on it. Make sure to keep your toothbrush at a clean place where no insects or other organisms can reach it.

Not visiting a dentist on a regular basis


People only tend to visit a dentist if they are suffering from a tooth ache or any other oral disease. But it is necessary to visit a dentist every six months for a cleaning session as plaque that remains on your teeth forms a hard substance called calculus which cannot be removed by brushing.


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