10 daily habits that lead to stress



10 daily habits that lead to stress

Stress is a simple fact of life. Between work, home and life, most of us end up running for most of the day. Your relationships, bills, job, social life can be stressful. But, most of us could have some habits that make it worse for ourselves. These are ten habits that amplify your tension and make your life harder than it is.

Over caffeinating


Caffeine plays an important role in increasing your stress level as caffeine makes you produce stress hormones. Caffeine might tempt you out of bed, or it might be that you stay up all night. If your are feeling stressed, you might want to cut down your caffeine intake.

Underrating yourself


Showing disrespect to oneself causes stress. Making jokes about yourself on being stupid, rejecting a compliment might not seem harmful, but the brain does not think that way. This habit not only causes stress, anxiety but also leads to people treating you poorly.

Social network


It is the best tool to keep in touch with your friends and finding new ones. Research has shown that too much social networking can cause stress over your profile, image that can cause mental disorders linked with depression and anxiety.

Watching TV


Sitting in front of television for more than two hours is causing damage to your psychological health. Studies have linked it to depression and anxiety. Limiting the number of episodes of your favourite TV show and spending rest of your free time reading, taking up a hobby can lead to happy life.



There is no harm in one little lie if it gets you out of an unpleasant situation. But the thing is, lying causes major problems for your mental health. Lying releases a lot of stress hormones in your brain. It causes stress that also affects your physical health as well.

Delay in your plans


Things you planned not even getting your attention, busy in some work that makes you cancel your plans or saying ‘maybe some other time’ leads to procrastination. It causes a lot of stress and can make your work less effective. One way to restrain procrastination is by scheduling things out in advance, making goals for yourself to finish things on time.

Over analyzing


Over analysing is a habit of thought. Everybody does it, but truth to be told, it is an annoying habit. It is thought consuming and stress inducing. Don’t take things too seriously, and focus on letting things go.

Overlooking personal space and time


One of the best ways to overcome stress and anxiety is by taking some time for yourself. Doing something that you enjoy like painting, listening to music. But today’s busy schedule doesn’t allow a person to schedule his/her ‘me time’. Thus, the stress piles on.

Flattering and pleasing others


Saying ‘yes’ to things that you don’t even agree with, like or want to do could be more than just inconvenience. Some might think that it is easier just to give people what they want. Pleasing people can lead to a lot of tension and anxiety because it involves putting your needs and views on hold for their convenience.

Living with a fuss and confusion


Research has found that living your life in a hurry and confusion distracts you when you are trying to do things like work, homework and even relaxing. It causes stress and frustration.


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