10 healthy habits That Will actually Change Your Life


100 healthy habits That Will Change Your Life

If you want to gift yourself something on your birthday, good health is the perfect gift. It is said that health is wealth and yes indeed, it is so. Good health not just adds to your personality, but it also helps you in staying youthful, keeps you cheerful, makes your day brighter and helps you in enduring difficult times in an easier way. There are simple life hacks that not just help you in staying healthy but also add to your confidence level and personality. So here are some healthy habits that you must indulge in your daily life –

1. Exercise daily


Physical activity and exercise are not just a boon for the human body rather it is also becoming a fun way to engage yourself in this electronic world. They give you a chance to be in the open, to unravel the child in you, to let the adrenaline flow, and to be a part of something that makes you happy and important. They not just help in improving your mood but also keep you fit by keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. Even if the time span is short, ensure that your body gets its dose of exercise daily. Jogging, running, walking, skipping ropes, swimming, planking, jumping, there are a wide array of activities on the platter.

2. Healthy Breakfast

Eating healthy is the first step towards physical as well as mental fitness. A balanced diet is required to ensure that the body stays fit and the mind works appropriately. Eating a healthy breakfast not just improves the metabolism rate, but also gives you an extra burst of energy, and furthermore improves the brain’s capability to memorise and concentrate. Skipping breakfast does major harm to the body and leads to nutritional deficiencies in the body as well as loss of focus. Regardless of the variations in your daily schedule, you should have a meal rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals.

3. Avoid sugar 

Avoiding sugar is a very tedious task, yet it is achievable with determination. In the present scenario, an average person consumes on an average 135 pounds of sugar yearly. 15 years ago, it was a small value of 109 pounds. Cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are some of the common diseases that sugar might cause. Take the initiative and remove sugar from your diet for once and for all. With time your taste buds will stop craving for it, and the temptation will end.

4. Get enough rest


Busy schedules and unforgiving lifestyles have led to the massacre of rest. Research shows that sleep I the most important factor for human health. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is required by the human body to function efficiently. Failing which, a tired mind can’t think properly, and a tired body lacks energy. Proper rest leads to a reduction of stress, reduced inflammation, improvement in retention power, keeps the heart healthy and even adds smartness to your personality. Avoid drinking caffeine and eating late in the night.

5. Stay connected

Human beings are social animals, which leads to certain needs in us to stay in touch with people, to interact with them and to form relations. Lack of social connections and genuine relationship can lead to depression, stress and even premature deaths in some cases. Hence, it is advisable to go for long walks in parks and other areas, where you can interact with people and form bonds.

6. Breathe deeply

Breathing is nothing but an activity that includes inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide which is a primary requirement for staying alive. When this activity is done consciously in a controlled manner, it has a significant effect on health. Not only does it maximise the oxygen intake but it also relaxes your mind, body and soul ensuring that you can manage stress and anxiety well.

7. Have a routine

Plan-a-routineLive by methods if you want to stay healthy. Begin by consuming similar kinds of food and performing the same activities. Ensuring that you sleep and wake up at the same time is also one of the efficient habits that help in keeping your body in equilibrium. As you grow your psychology becomes weaker, hence the need arises to define a schedule that the body is comfortable to follow.

8. Stay hydrated

While survival without food is possible for a few days, the same cannot be said for water. Every single cell and all organs made out of it need water to stay hydrated and hence to function properly. Staying hydrated not just increases your alertness but also improves your activity and controls your appetite. 8 glasses of water should be consumed in a day to ensure optimised operation of the body.

9. Stretch in the morning and the evening

The human body is just like a machine. And like a computer, it too needs oiling and time to time maintenance. When we sit behind a computer for hours on a daily basis, it becomes exceedingly important that we stretch our body twice a day o ensure its flexibility. It helps in keeping the joints and muscles of the body active and healthy.


Survey results prove that the individuals practising Buddhist meditation had lower levels of cortisol and blood pressure. Practising meditation daily for four months leads to decrement in the cortisol levels by 20%, according to a study by Maharishi University. Meditation helps in reaching out to your soul which helps in the treatment of many incurable diseases.

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