What happens When You Drink Water In Excess

What happens When You Drink Water In Excess
What happens When You Drink Water In Excess

The role of water is crucial in our life. Water is beneficial for our health in every respect. Water is helpful in reducing fatigue. Constipation can be prevented through the water. It is helpful in digesting food but one must not drink water just after meal. We can reduce grease of our body by drinking water. The toxins are flushed out from our body by drinking water. We can prevent kidney stone by drinking water. The immune system of our body gets boosted by drinking water. Although there are so many benefits of water, but if we take it in excess, then it is harmful to us. Now we will discuss the side-effects of drinking water in excess in the following manner.

Harmful for Heart

drinking excess water

The water absorption mechanism of our body is very effective. By following the process of osmosis small intestine absorbs 80% of the water which we drink. The overall volume of our blood increases if water enters into the blood stream. If we drink so much of water, then it increases the blood volume which causes strain on our heart. In some cases, it also leads to seizures. Therefore, drinking too much of water is harmful to our heart in every respect.


drinking excess water

The functioning of the electrolyte gets affected by the sodium content in the blood. To send signals to the cells is the responsibility of electrolyte. The various operations of the body are controlled by the cells. The sodium level in the blood decreases if we drink water in excess. Due to this, cells do not get signals from electrolytes. Due to inadequate sodium levels in the blood there causes the disease to which we call Hyponatremia. The cells get swells up if the sodium level in the blood falls below 135 mm per litre. The symptoms of Hyponatremia are disorientation, excessive urination, vomiting, headache and nausea.

Too much Urination

drinking excess water

We will suffer from frequent or excessive urination if we consume so much of water at once. Our Body is characterized by its mechanism of volume response and absorption. Our body fails to absorb water if we drink it in excess which leads to frequent urination.


drinking excess water

If we drink lots of water over a short period, then it affects our brain seriously. The concentration of the electrolytes gets decreased due to excess of fluid in the blood.  Due to this, the fluid flow into the cells gets increased. These cells also include the cells in our brain.   As a result of it, we will suffer from a headache. Along with a headache, if we are consuming so much of water, then it is an indication of over hydration. In severe condition, it is better to consult the doctor.

Muscles Cramps

drinking excess water

The electrolyte level of the body gets decreased due to consumption of water in excess. This disturbs the overall balance of the body. Due to this, the muscular function of our body gets affected which causes cramping and muscle spasm. Therefore, drinking water in excess causes weakening of muscles and cramping.

Having The Feeling of Tiredness

drinking excess water

If we drink water, then the kidney is accountable for filtering the water. It also ensures that the levels of fluid in our blood stream are balanced. The kidneys have to work harder if we drink water in excess. As a result of it, the stressful reaction from our hormones is created by which our body becomes tired and fatigue. Therefore, we have the feeling of tiredness if we drink lots of water.

Reduces The Concentration of Potassium

drinking excess water

One of the essential nutrients of our body is potassium. It is necessary to maintain its proper level. If we drink water in excess, then it causes the reduction in the concentration of potassium. Due to this, we will suffer from the problems like leg pain, chest pain and irritation, etc.

Thus, the excess of anything is harmful to us. Water is the boon for our body, but if we take it in excess, then this boon is converted into the curse. We should avoid the drinking of water in excess to prevent our body from its ill-effects which are mentioned in the above-written matter.

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