Piano Course for Beginners

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This piano course for beginner’s e s a free course designed to teach you to play for yourself and step by step. It is not necessary to have any previous musical knowledge. It is also an interesting course for musicians of other instruments that want to start at the piano or on the keyboard. This would be in addition to their musical knowledge or to teach beginner students.

Click on the links below to access the different lessons of the course. You also have below an explanatory text about the course. You can leave a comment at the bottom of each lesson.

Structure of the Course

The course is divided into lessons and in each lesson there are several videos, with exercises and tutorials to learn progressively. In each lesson you will find an explanatory text related to the material it contains.

You have to study the lessons and videos carefully in order. It will be very useful to review them to refine and memorize the content.

This course is public and freely accessible, and you can use it as you wish, share it with other people or use it to teach your students. If your students have the basic knowledge than you can give them the blues scale for Piano: A Simple Guide.

About the Instrument

To perform this piano course for beginners we use the Yamaha PSR-E453 keyboard. But you can use any keyboard or acoustic piano if you have it. This course is called piano and keyboard course because what we are going to learn applies to both. Both an acoustic instrument, which therefore only has its natural sound, and an electronic keyboard that can have many different sounds.

There are different types of pianos and electronic keyboards. According to the model they look more or less like an acoustic piano. Apart from the sounds, the main difference consists in the type of key. In most keyboards the key is smaller than in an acoustic piano and its pulsation is softer. This is the case of the Yamaha PSR-E453 keyboard, an instrument that is ideal for the learning of students of all ages. Because of the type of keys used and why its operation is very simple, although it has great possibilities. We will explore them in this piano course for beginners. With it we will create some interesting accompaniments that I will record and publish in the lessons so that you can use them, whether you have the Yamaha PSR-E453 or not.

There are some types of electronic keyboards and pianos that are more like an acoustic piano. They have a similar key and it also has a more similar pulse. Apart from this they are bigger and have more notes.

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