How To Train A Rottweiler To Be Friendly?

Do you agree that a well-trained Rottweiler is a pleasure to have around? Owning an untrained dog can be a frustrating and stressful situation for you as a dog owner. The dogs can understand human instructions and can grasp them quickly. But, it is quite difficult for humans to do the same. It is only achieved once you start spending more time with your rottweiler.

Here are some ways guiding you to know how to train a Rottweiler and teach it to be friendly:

  1. Let your dog socialize

The most important part of training is socialization and after you have taken your pet to the veterinarian, register him in a socialization or puppy training class. Some may prescribe you to get him enrolled in a center after the vaccines are done. But by that, his socialization time will pass on, and you miss the chance to raise a confident and friendly dog.

Ultimately, it is your decision, but it is better to get your dog enrolled in a training class and check how the trainer is guiding him. Before enrolling, check whether the socialization class is safe for your dog. Besides that, you must socialize daily on your own; otherwise, it will take a longer time for them to socialize.

  1. Teach to use the mouth properly

If the dogs are not trained, they will start chewing your shoes, table cloth, toys, pillows, and cause other destruction to the house. As a result, a lot of things will get destroyed, and you may lose your mind at times. It happens because they have sharp teeth, and the pressure applied by them is more.

But if you train your dog to stop doing all these things, he will never do it. It is the most vital thing that you should teach your dog while training them. If you do not take care of this, even after growing, they will be the same. Teach them what is appropriate for soft chewing and what’s not.

  1. Potty training is essential

Dealing with potty training is the most important thing, and if you do not teach them now, they are never going to learn it. Being a pet owner, know the number of times you should take your dog out for potty. Always direct them to go to that location whenever they want to excrete.

Otherwise, they can create a mess all around. Dogs are like your best friend, but that does not indicate you will let them do whatever they want. Training them rightly will make them well-behaved furry partners.

  1. Use food treats for training

You must have heard various things against using food for training. But there is nothing wrong if you use food to train your dogs. It is a good way to motivate your pet and encourage them to learn more things.

If you want your dog to make most of the training and learn every bit of it, giving them rewards. Food is one of them, but you can consider other things like presenting them with new toys, taking them for a walk, etc.

  1. Make them learn new things from scratch

Being human beings, once you have learned something, you tend to generalize with the concept and use your creativity to adapt to the situation. However, it is exactly the opposite with the dogs, indicating if you teach a dog to sit in your kitchen, he probably may not sit in the yard. For that, you have to train him from scratch again. But Rottweiler is clever and requires lesser repetitions. At times, they may need it, so you should command your dog accordingly.

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  1. Train them to ask for permission

Several dog commands are there that you should know to train your four-legged friend properly. However, asking for permission is not a command as you will not ask your dog to do it every time.

Teach them to use when there is a need, and to understand better, take up an example. Isn’t it great when your dog asks your permission before running after a kid or a log? A dog asking for permission also indicates that it is obedient and safe to be with.

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  1. Teach your dogs to stop jumping

Train your dog to stop jumping, as when they are small, it may not bother you. But once the dog grows, it will be difficult for you. Teach them to stop jumping on people when they arrive at your place. A perfect way is to ignore them when they jump, and finally, when you do this two to three times, the dog will stop doing it.

Once the jumping is under control, the next thing is to teach how to sit down. Whenever guests are coming home, they should not start jumping and must sit at a proper place. Make them practice the things over again so that it becomes their habit.

  1. Stop them from pulling on the leash

Pulling on the leash is a behavior that you should teach your dogs to stop doing. To prevent them, you can make them understand that when they stop doing it, they get some gifts. It can be some food, toys, or going for a walk, etc. Pay attention to everything the dog does and reward it to stay close to you after walking.

The best tip

Always ignore when your dog is doing a bad thing and present with a reward when it is doing something good. For this, you have to always pay attention to what your dog is doing. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • If the bad habit is not getting better, you should stop giving the rewards. At times, you should be strict to figure out how to deal with your dog.
  • It is better to do all these when they are a puppy and make them well-drained.
  • If ignoring does not help, train your canine friend differently to eliminate the bad habit.

The bottom line

By keeping all these things, you can have a well-trained dog, who is your best friend. Rottweilers are intelligent, so they will grasp the things you teach them during their training sessions quickly.

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