10 luxurious prisons around the world will make you awestruck

The jail is a punishment for committing crimes, and nobody wants to end up in prison. When we think of prison and the kinds of people who end up there, luxury is not the word that comes to mind. Every country has many prisons, and these prisons are funded by tax-payers. No tax-payer who works hard for their money wants to hear that they are paying for convicted felons to live a five-star life in prison. The great shock is that there are luxurious prisons for prisoners. The living conditions of inmates in these luxurious prisons are very comfortable, relaxing and less deserving than they do. Here is a list of 10 luxurious prisons around the world.

 1. Cebu Prison, Philippines


It is a maximum security prison facility for 1600 inmates. In Cebu prison, the prisoners spend their time dancing and singing by choosing musical numbers. It is based on a rehabilitation program started in 2005-2010, also known as CPDRC (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) Dancing Inmates. This program is about recording the routines of the prisoners in jail.

 2. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden


This top-of-the-line prison in Sollentuna includes cells with private bathrooms and comfortable mattresses. This jail includes a security camera that shows weight room and the kitchen. In addition, there are televisions for the inmates. They are also able to cook their own meals and watch TV on their own couch. Sounds like home, except for the fact that you can’t leave. So you can live in a luxury apartment for free in Sweden, but with a condition i.e. to commit a crime.

 3. JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany


Everything you will need in your holiday will be in JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prisons such as desks, couches and good meals. The interior of this newly decorated prison in Hamburg, Germany resembles of a castle rather than a jail. The spacious cells include a living room area, bed and a private bathroom. It also includes a conference room for the prisoners.

 4. Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia


This women’s prison in Jakarta, Indonesia holds mostly drug offenders and is one of the prisons that offers a methadone clinic to help the former drug users and is one of the most luxurious prisons. This jail is a big shock for anyone who sees it. It is the most luxurious prison on comparison to other Indonesia Prisons. To pass the time, the inmates attend beading classes and visit the beauty salon.

 5. Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland


With a $40 million facelift, this prison in Geneva, Switzerland gives a feeling of living in a luxurious hotel. Before this, the prison used to have the typical problems of riots, overcrowding and diseases. This whole new prison includes a triple occupancy cells, each with their own bathroom.

 6. Aranjuez Prison, Spain


This prison is known for being the only prison in the world with cells for families. This prison is called the premier prison for the families. Usually, if a child is born to an inmate, the child is sent to live in the foster care or with the family. But this prison allows the children to stay with their parents until they are three years old.

 7. Justice Center Leoben, Austria


In Justice Center Leoben, the prisoners are allowed to wear their own clothes. The walls of the prison are made of wood and shatter proof glass. In this jail, the prisoners have a private room, a private bathroom, television and a kitchen. The prisoners can move from one cell to another cell freely, and there is also a gymnasium and a basketball court.

 8. Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand


It is a minimum security prison in Milton and also known by the locals as the Milton Hilton is one of the luxurious prisons in the world. This prison offers everything from rugby courts to fresh towels to heating during winter months. And also, this prison teaches a lot of skills such as cooking, farming and electrical engineering.

 9. HMP Addiewell, Scotland

HMP-Addiewell-ScotlandHer Majesty’s Prison Addiewell, Scotland is more like a bread-and-breakfast than a prison. It is located in Southern Scotland and is managed by Sodexo Justice Services. The prisoners spend almost 40 hours a week learning work activities in order to catch up with the outer world. it emphasis rehabilitation instead of punishment, offering clean rooms and full-time jobs.

 10. Bastoy Prison, Norway


Bastoy Prison in Norway is a minimum security prison located on the Bastoy Island. It is said that this prison is working to become the first ecological prison in the world. The prisoners live in wooden cottages and work on the prison farm.  The prisoners spend their free time sunbathing, fishing, playing tennis and horse riding.

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