Why Watches Are Unbeatable Accessory for Men?

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Whether you are attending formal parties, nights out or weddings, watches are more than just devices to check out time, they are an indispensable fashion accessory. The right watch can accentuate your personality. The watch market is huge with the new brand launching every year. When it comes to choosing an accessory for men, watches are undoubtedly the favored choice. 

Megalith watches are one of the popular brands that have made waves in the men watch’s section. There are various reasons why men love wearing watches and below we are sharing some of the most popular reasons – 

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Your smartphone will not help to stay punctual, but your watch will surely do. A watch has been and continues to be the most convenient way to check or tell the time. Often you hear people say, they don’t need to wear a watch because they have a phone. However, taking out your phone regularly to check out time seems a little desperate. Simple a glance at your wrist is a must more composed way to tell time or date. Don’t you think it will rude if you keep taking out your smartphone while accompanying someone? Moreover, there are places where you have to leave your phone behind like the beach, wedding, funeral, etc., but watches get a subtle entry everywhere. 

  • Superior Functionality 

Anything inspired by the military has notable functionality including wristwatches. They were first used in the early 19th century by the military in order to coordinate movements during the war. After that specialized watches were manufactured to use in the ocean depth by divers and on the sky by aviators. An important advantage of watches over smartphones is its functionality. Watches are designed to be either self-powered through regulated motions or use minimal energy from the integrated battery.

megalith watch review

You get year’s worth of uninterrupted performance compare to a minimum of 8 hours of usage of the smartphone before you have to charge it. Megalith watches are designed with power in mind, so you can rest assured to get many years of functionality and little to no maintenance. You can also choose a complicated watch that is designed to provide more than basic features of showing time and date. These functionalities are referred to as complications; chronography and moon phase are the two popular complications. The former one comes with a stopwatch feature whereas the latter option displays the lunar phase. 

  • Elegance Simplicity 

The best watches like Megalith watches don’t focus on implementing the latest technology. They build watches that are powered by ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that makes electricity predated. So when your phone drains all the battery, you can always rely on the clockwork technology that keeps your watch running. 

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When you wear a watch you are less likely to be distracted by it, the way you do with your phone. Often when you check the time on your phone it leads to a trail of activities of checking email, social media, replying to messages, etc. The simplicity of this accessory is one of the reasons why it is so popular among men. 

  • An Ultimate Heirloom

Along with being a perfect gift for men, a watch is a quintessential heirloom. Irrespective of what your life philosophy is, we can all agree that after demise people live through memories that their loved ones have of them. Possessing watches from a different era is a great remembrance of your ancestors. Holding on to their watch will make you think about them and keep them in your memories forever.

megalith watch review

If you want to create a legacy, Megalith watches are ideal watches that will strongly pass on from one generation to another. You can also create a collection of best timepieces from different times and pass on your assortment to someone you care about.

  • Build Relationships with Watches 

From the era of the sundial, men have been passionate about time measuring devices. It reminded them that our time is not perpetual, rather limited. Wearing a watch brings a positive attitude and helps you understand the value of time. More than mechanical and technical intricacies of these accessories, humans are intrigued by their claim to control and mark time. People who are passionate about watches love to explore how these devices are made. 

  • It is a symbol of Craftmanship

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More than a time-keeper, a watch is a symbol of history and tradition elegantly encompassed in a showpiece. When men wear a watch, they are carrying art on their wrist. 

When building a Megalith watch, four craftsmen work for months to design a masterpiece watch by their hands. It is a detailed art that requires a high level of human creativity and ingenuity. Art embedded on a watch can come in multiple forms. For some watches the art is in the designing of the dial, others the beauty lie in the intricate details of the case; it is just the matter of figuring out. You don’t have to pick an expensive watch brand to see the beauty of the craftsmanship. It is more about picking watches that are built with quality in mind. 

megalith watch review

Watches are an undoubtedly indispensable accessory for men and for all the right reasons as we discussed above. No matter what the occasion is, there is a perfect watch to don on.  When it comes to buying a watch there are endless options available for you; however, Megalith is a brand that you can always rely on. Ever since the brand has hit the market, Megalith watches have created a lot of buzzes. If you delve deep into the Megalith watch review, you would get to know why they are so popular among the crowd.

And why not? These men’s watches are designed to perfection and cater to the different needs of the wearer. Another highlight of this brand is that the watches offered come with affordable price tags. So basically you get powerful functionality and exceptional features in a cost-efficient manner. If you are looking for the perfect watch, then this is a brand, which will not disappoint you.

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