Big or small? Does pleasure readily depend on the size


For some women’s it matters, and for some, it does not matter.Basically,  It depends on individual thinking that what size will serve them more pleasure. It is mostly believed that bigger the size of the penis more pleasure you receive. Earlier it is found that size to do nothing with the pleasure. One must be confident about his body.

The studies show that the penis size does matter when it comes to a pleasure of a woman in bed.

During several research’s it was asked by many women’s that does the size matter. Really? It is found that the women with constant orgasm prefer bigger penis than other women. Many articles, types of research and porn movies were helpful in brainwashing that a bigger penis can only provide better pleasure in sex. Even in the list of sex pleasure the size stands at the lowest. What matters is how your partner gets intimated to you.


Many women’s responded that it’s not about the size that gives her pleasure, what matters is the way he uses it to bring satisfaction and the strength and its functions. The choice of size, made by women makes men feel insecure about their penis size. The purpose of your intimacy is to enjoy climax and to have pleasures. So, don’t feel good or bad regarding the size of the penis.

The penis size of the average man is of the normal range and there are very few men have pennies that are considered as the large or big. The penis length of 2 inches is considered as the normal length so; size should is not the matter. The study shows that the average penis length of more than 15,000 men is 5.2 inches.  Another, study of 2014 shows, that the average erect penis length was  5.6 inches.

There are several studies and discussions on this topic that whether the satisfaction level depends on the size or not?  Researchers made a list of the things that made a good sex. Like Sexual skills, confidence, attentiveness, relationship aspects. In all types of researches it is no where mentioned that the size of penis matter. Some women do not orgasm through vaginal penetration; the only thing they required is the stimulation of the clitoris, which is not connected with the length of the penis.


There is a point about 2 inches into the vagina on the front wall when it gets stimulated; it leads to an extreme state of pleasure. The pleasure which you will get over this is the result of stimulation of the inner part of the clitoris and tissue near the uterus. The research shows that women who do orgasm from vaginal penetration, for them penis length is not so important. It is also proved that extra large penis size can lead difficulty in sex.

As you grow older you feel hesitate to ask and talk about such topics so, don’t worry if you are in the same muddle then this article will help you to clear your doubts. 80 % of research repercussion shows that women, those who are not extrovert and believe in true or pure love format for them the length are not the matter. For such women, intimacy means how their partner uses it to bring satisfaction and create memories. It is a myth that penis size matter for better sexual pleasure, it’s proper functioning is more important than size. The word big automatically create big images in our mind as if big is always better. Now, it’s your turn to think that what matters for you small or big penis or its functioning.


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