How to seduce your boyfriend?

seduce your boyfriend

Seduce your boyfriend or getting him near you might be an insurmountable obstacle, especially for those who are not familiar with good flirting and seduction techniques. Being sexy and getting a man interested in you may not be an overnight event, but it will surely be a process involving a lot of fun back and forth.

Here are some easy ways you can seduce your guy and fulfill your desires.

1. Make eye contact with him frequently

seduce your boyfriend

Your eyes can be one of the things that the men are most likely to notice about you first. Men generally do like to gaze into a woman’s eyes at the first meeting, even before they check out her size or her cleavage and the rest of her figure. The eyes communicate mysteriousness, sexiness, and desire without a single word. You can use this to your advantage by using your eye contact to seduce him.

2. Wear clothes that flaunt your figure

Dress well

Men are attracted to provocative clothing as a whole. Instead of exposing off your skin, you can make way more of an impact on him by dressing to flatter your figure. Wear clothes that look good on you (no matter how much skin they show or not), no matter whether you are curvy or athletic. This is a great way to get a guy’s attention. If you have a good collection, you can play it up by wearing a dress or top that exposes some of your cleavages. You can also wear a short skirt with heels if your legs are your best feature.

4. Ask more personal questions & offer intimate information

While trying to seduce a man, try to ask the questions that are more personal and offer the information that is more intimate in return when you are speaking with him. Do not be shy to talk about kiss and sex if he reciprocates it well.

5. Your body language should convey your interest

seduce your boyfriend

Your body language is the best display of your intentions and shows a man that you are interested in him.
Try using your body language for your benefit when seducing him and do let him know clearly that you are into him. In addition to smiling and making eye contact, face towards him while speaking to him. You can even lean towards him just a little. If he is getting interested, he might also start to mirror your body language.

6. Don’t throw yourself at him

Do not show your desperation. It can be the biggest turn off for him. It may even drive him away before you have the chance to do anything else. Show your interest in him in a teasing way, instead of being all over him, without being overbearing.

7. Touch him often

Make sure to touch him as frequently as possible in a subtle way. For example, you could just put your hand on his knee while he is talking, or lean over to whisper in his ear and brushing your lips slightly against it.
Make sure your touch seems like an accidental or a slight gesture. If you are touching him constantly or non-naturally, he may lose interest in forming a wrong opinion in his mind regarding you.

8. Get him alone

get him alone

When you are hanging out in a group, remember to get him alone maybe only for a few minutes or more.
Ask him for the bar to order another drink together. Getting him alone will give you more freedom to flirt and seduce him. It will also help you to get him in the right frame of mind for anything you have planned next without being distracted.

9. Don’t be afraid to get awkward 

One of the most interesting and effective ways can be the awkward silences and situations to stir up sexual tension with a guy. Instead of hurrying up to fill an odd silence, let a few seconds pass on in order to create a sexy nervousness in the atmosphere when seducing him. It would be a fantastic idea to create some awkward situations by brushing up against him while passing by or dropping something accidentally in front of him and bending over to pick it up.

10.Workout together

seduce your boyfriend

Going to a gym and working out together is absolutely great idea and will surely help you get him. Join a training club with your partner and exercise together. Ask for his help at certain intervals. Use body fit sports outfits and he won’t be able to resist checking you out. Moreover, your body shape is much more toned during the workout and you won’t have to put any additional efforts to get him near you.

So seducing a guy is not that difficult a task that you girls might feel. Just trigger him at the right points in the right way and he will be all yours.

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