Signs of sexual harassment and the measures you can take

Signs of sexual harassment and the measures you can take

Signs of sexual harassment and the measures you can take

The sad truth of the closeness results in harassment, and it ruins the whole life and property if you don’t take any action

As per the study, it is found that out of every group of 4 children one child is getting sexually harassed since childhood. This is not only related to the small children, but the adults or youths also experience it at their workplace. Sometimes girls won’t feel safe at their home itself. This is the harmful thing which can be pointed towards the society. Let’s throw some lights on the symbols which resemble that you are vulnerable to the sexual abuse.

When the child often remains silent:

You know more about your kids, and if your child has a habit of talking all the time or be active, then it’s a good sign. But what if you child suddenly starts being quite. It means that he/she is passing through a tough time. The sexual harassment is more likely in the childhood or children under five years old. Adults try to fulfill their wishes with the tiny spots as they know that these will never let them down and will give all freedom unconsciously. You need to be careful at your workplace as well by the touching sense of the human beings.

When someone forces you to satisfy them:

This is that pain which can be felt by any of the person or animal. When you force someone to fulfill the desires, then it means that you are at the risk of sexual harassment. A person can approach you for sexual need in many ways. Sex is the core need of a human being. But when you take it in a forceful way then it becomes hell for some other person. You can feel the harshness when someone touches you in the wrong way. In short, if someone approaches you without your permission then it means that you are sexually harassed.

Measures which can be adopted for eliminating the sexual harassment:

  • Inform the children about the sensational parts in the childhood.
  • Make them understand about some private body parts which are not allowed to be touched forcefully.
  • Teach them about the limitations of the body
  • Have a conversation about their playing and friend circle.
  • Warn them that no body is allowed to click pictures of their private parts.
  • Prepare them for the remedies that can be achieved for the escape from the scary and awkward situations.
  • Always have some secret codes for the children that whenever they need help, you can understand easily.
  • No body secrets allowed between your parents and you.
  • So no to people who are trying to reach you out with evil intentions irrespective of the relations.
  • Encourage your little tots to speak up if something is going wrong with their body.
  • Your appropriate involvement in the children’s life can change your way.

Prevention is better than cure is the strategy which we always opt for the awareness of the critical situations. Sexual harassment can ruin your life in a very terrific way. If a child is not warned at the beginning itself, then he/she may lose the focus of happiness since childhood. This harassment can also be practiced at the workplace in the name of promotion.

If you very much endorse your boss for no reason, then it’s time to have distance from the head authority. Always speak up for your safety. Your safety is your priority and if it is getting ruined by someone then don’t allow people to try their efforts. Trust wisely on the people and always maintain a safe zone for yourself.

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