10 Foods you should avoid if you love your sleep



10 Foods you should avoid if you love your sleep

If you are focused on getting a ripped body or fat loss and the most important, a sound sleep; certain foods should always be avoided after 9 pm, which is basically your bed time. But having the certain type of food before your bed time will play the role on how well you sleep. Here are some foods you should avoid before going to bed.



According to study, acidic tomato sauce can lead to stomach aches. As tomato sauce is the main ingredient in a pizza, and pizza isn’t exactly a light meal. At night when all your body organs are at rest, eating greasy, salty pizza will make your tummy get busy. Pizza is not a bedtime snack, eating a lot of extra calories will only make you look fat.



Eating pasta during the bedtime will only spike your insulin level in the body and resulting in calories to settle around your waist. Pasta is one of the most calorie-dense carbohydrate sources. One can easily consume more than 400 calories in a single sitting.

Chocolates and Candies:


Chocolate is one of the foods you should avoid before going to sleep. Chocolate contains caffeine if a person is allergic or sensitive to this drug; it could stop you from having a good night sleep. The study has shown that people eating candy bars before their bedtime are at a risk of getting nightmares. The theory is that high levels of sugar create horrible brain waves.



Chili can be healthy when prepared with the right mixture of ingredients. But chili is spicy, and it may cause acid re-flux. Chili helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body, but before bed, it could leave you lying awake.

Ice cream:


Ice cream is loaded with fat. Consuming ice cream before bedtime will not give your body a chance to burn any of it. All of the sugar will pump your body full of energy, resulting in killing your sleep.



Alcohol interferes with the remedial functions of sleep, graveling the way for shallow sleep and in between awakenings throughout the night. People believe that alcohol produces great sleep. It is not fully accurate. It does help you sleep but it doesn’t lead to a long lasting and refreshing sleep.



Celery is a natural diuretic. Diuretic causes increased passing of urine. It increases the rate of urination because they push water through the system. Consuming celery before bed may lead you to make frequent visits to the bathroom. You don’t want to do that at during your sleepy hours.



Garlic is herb and when it is combined with spicy food tends to have some properties which may cause indigestion. If you have a weak stomach or are exposed to acid reflux, garlic may add to be having the side effect of an upsetting stomach.

Fruit juice:


Fruit juices are all very acidic to the body and could cause indigestion in many individuals. Fruit juice contains lots of sugar, with little fibre contents to allow for an insulin release. It causes blood sugar to rise resulting in creating brain waves causing nightmares.



Protein takes a lot of energy to digest and breaks down. Protein is definitely necessary before bed time but overdoing it is going to force the body into a never ending digestive process which may lead you to lie awake in the bed.


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