How to make your private parts smell good?

things a girl must never insert inside her vagina.

How to make your private parts smell good?

The vagina is a naturally balanced system. It is full of fluids and bacteria that are good for its health and designed to keep you fresh. Your vagina naturally has certain fragrance. According to gynaecologist, it is perfectly normal even if your vagina smells from one foot away. There are many simple tips you need to follow in order to make private parts smell good and have attractive fragrance down there.

Tips to make your vagina smell good

Change panty liners, pads regularly


Change your pads, tampons and panty-liners, every couple of hours even if you do not feel a need. It will prevent the build-up of bacteria and might also be helpful in preventing potentially deadly toxic-shock syndrome.

Use baby wipes occasionally when you have been to the toilet

baby wipes

Baby-wipes that has no fragrance are the perfect cleansing product you can use when you have been to the toilet. They will clean away any kind of additional harmful bacteria and are quite gentle on the skin of the vulva.

Do not wear tight-fitting clothing and panties made with man-made fibres


You should have all-cotton panties for your wardrobe (even if they do not look as cute as silk thongs, your vagina will surely thank you if you for them. Save the silky thongs for a date). Do the same with the tight jeans. They may look cool, but they make your vagina sweat a lot, causing the build-up of bacteria and the pH level of your vagina to become imbalanced.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Pour two or three cups of apple cider vinegar in a warm bathtub and enjoy a long soak to re-balance the pH level of your vagina and improve the smell. Apple cider vinegar is known for improving the natural acidity of the vagina. Also, it is a brilliant anti-bacterial agent.Apple Cider is beneficial for many purposes as it can also help you make your Vagina tighter.

Use unscented soap and water for cleaning

Hand washing

Floral soaps are not suitable for the vaginal wash. Use a mild, unscented anti-allergenic soap and warm water to clean your vulva no less than once a day. Do not just clean the mons pubis. Also, make sure that you cleanse the folds of your labia.

Try a clove of garlic


Take a piece of garlic and wrap it up in a cheesecloth. Attach a string to it so that it can be pulled back and insert it into your vagina. If the thought does not suit you, you can make a garlic paste and apply it externally (DO NOT put garlic paste inside the vagina). Garlic possesses anti-fungal properties, which makes it beneficial for the treatment of vaginal odour.

Apart from these practices, you can include some food items to improve the smell of your intimate parts-

Food you can eat to make the intimate parts smell better are



It has been proved by various researchers that cranberries are rich in substances that prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls. However, packaged cranberry juice is typically all sugar, so try to stick with straight cranberries.



Aztec and Mayan civilizations have known the properties of vanilla for ages. They used to grind fresh pods for creating medicinal elixirs and serve it as Royal drinks. Vanilla is a powerful antimicrobial, which has properties that help against the evolution of three different yeasts.

Dark leafy greens


If you feel a little dry down there, this can interest you surely. Dark leafy greens like kale, sea vegetables and spinach are naturally blood purifying, which helps in enhancing the circulation, which in turn boosts up stimulation. The darker the leaf, the better it is for you.



Avocado proves to be really healthy food for women when consumed in moderate quantity. Avocados are enriched with vitamins and healthy fat that enhances your overall health. The healthy fats in avocados help in getting healthy vaginal walls, and the potassium and B6 levels in the fruit boost our libidos.



Soy generally has a bad name, but it is actually rich in phytoestrogens, which is a synthetic form of oestrogens that helps in keeping our vaginas well lubricated. And who does not require or like a well-lubricated vagina? Try to consume fresh and unprocessed soy like edamame.


almonds and milk

Zinc is one of those essential minerals that a woman requires daily to stay healthy. Although zinc is required in small amounts, its deficiency can cause very serious problems like hair loss. Zinc also helps in tackling itching, dryness, and regulates the menstrual cycle. You can eat almonds or pumpkin seeds to boost your zinc intake.



Pineapples are loaded with plenty of minerals and vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Pineapple adds more citrus quantity into your diet, that will help in making the vagina smell and taste slightly sweeter than usual.

So follow these simple steps to keep your private parts in their best condition and be ready to enjoy all you want without any hesitation and embarrassment.

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