10 reasons why vegetarians live longer

10 reasons why vegetarians live longer

Why vegetarians live longer? Research has shown that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall and even live longer. But there is nothing wrong with eating meat as it has been included in the menu before the start of any civilization. In general, vegetarian diets are lower in cholesterol, saturated fats and animal protein, and high in fiber than the non-vegetarian diets. Thus, vegetarians tend to have considerably lower risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and some form of cancers. Here are ten reasons why vegetarians live longer than non-vegetarians.

Low blood pressure


Studies suggest that cutting down on meat and following a vegetarian diet could help in combating hypertension and ease the risks posed by high blood pressure. Vegetarians, when compared to others have lower levels of blood pressure.

Minimum chances of cardiovascular diseases


A study has shown that vegetarian people are less prone to heart diseases in compared to the others. With none of the unsaturated fat and cholesterol that blocks the arteries, vegetarians may be at a lower risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Lower risk of diabetes


Vegetarians are at a lower risk of diabetes. But being a vegetarian doesn’t cure the disease, but help maintain their weight and blood sugar levels.

Likely more leaner than non-vegetarians


Vegetarians are less subjected to critical lifestyle issues like obesity. They are leaner than non-vegetarians and have a lower level of body mass index and cholesterol. Moving on to a vegetarian diet can help you lose some weight.

Less prone to cancer


People who follow a vegetarian diet are shielded from various types of cancers. People are shown to withstand against cancer even opposing the recurrence of this deadly health condition.

Lower life-threatening health conditions


Vegetarians have lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol in their body as compared to others. It reduces the risk of various life-threatening health conditions.

Better moods


People with vegetarian diets are less prone to depression and mood swings. Switching from meat to a vegetarian diet can help people dodge depression and mood swings better.

Less prone to stress


Non-vegetarian diets fill your body with arachidonic acid, which is known to changing the functioning of the brain, forming a way for increased stress levels. Following a vegetarian diet can help you maintain low-stress level and improve your happiness quotient.

Increases immunity


The stamina and the immunity power of vegetarians are high compared to non-vegetarians. Consuming meat can fluctuate your energy levels, bringing your immunity level to an all time low.

A healthy approach towards life


A diet which includes vegetables, fruits have lower levels of risk triggering factors like cholesterol and saturated fat. Apart from that, it is loaded with many healthy components like fibers, calcium, vitamins, flavonoids and much more. It makes vegetarian food distinctive and appetising. The goodness of vegetarian diet overcomes its negative impacts.


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