10 initial things to do if you want to quit smoking

10 initial things to do if you want to quit smoking

10 initial things to do if you want to quit smoking

Smoking is not a cool thing to do. Many people suffer due to this habit. It causes terminal diseases like cancer. But you can quit smoking by following these initial things to quit smoking. Quitting smoking can be really hard to do if you have been smoking for a long time now. But the hardest thing to do is to stay tobacco free. Every day you must decide not to smoke today! Your mortality depends majorly on when you decide to quit. The sooner you quit the better. It reduces the risk of dying of heart problems. Each time you resist smoking you are one step closer to quit smoking. Here are 10 ways to quit smoking.

List out the reasons

Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit smoking. It may be health issues or for someone, you love or just because you love yourself more now. List out the reasons and read them every morning. In case you just can’t stop yourself, go and read the reason why you want to quit it in the first place and then decide is it worth it to take another puff or not?

Set a quit date

Set a date after which you never want to touch a cigarette ever again. You need to evaluate and set a date. Stay determined and complete your resolution for a healthier life.

Spread the word

Tell all your colleagues, family member and friends what you plan to do. Tell them about how you intend to do. They will help you in quitting smoking. So next time whenever you crave for a cigarette go up to your friend or family for help. Don’t shy, they are there only to help you. Stay strong, they’ll help you do that.

Nicotine-replacement therapy

Cigarettes contain nicotine. A long-term intake of nicotine makes your body and mind addicted to it. When you stop smoking, you experience the after effects of that. You have a headache, mood swings feel the burning sensation in your body. It becomes very hard to resist even one drag of a cigarette. Nicotine replacement theory can curb these urges. Consult a doctor for further queries.

Prescribed pills

Consult a doctor if you want to quit smoking. He will help you by prescribing pills these pills can ease the symptoms of withdrawal such as depression, headaches and mood swings. These pills can decrease the satisfaction caused by nicotine lesser.

Chew around

chew around

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, chew on carrots and celery, nuts or sunflower seeds. These crunchy snacks curb the urge to smoke cigarettes. Give your mouth something to do to fight the cravings.


Not one puff ever! Remember this in your mind that you can’t fool yourself saying just one cigarette. You know that you can’t just stop after one cigarette. Avoid going to place where you can’t control yourself from smoking. Tell yourself that you will never smoke even one puff because you know you will. Even one puff hurts!

Treat yourself

Quitting smoking is a big thing to do. To stay motivated you can also reward yourself with the thing you longed to get or do but have been withholding yourself. After every week, month, buy yourself your favourite books, DVDs, T-shirts, shoes, massages, dinners, etc. even better take all the money you spent on cigarettes and collect them and go away on a trip. You deserve a break!

Avoid places

Avoid going to the places where you usually smoked. Like parties, clubs, etc. going to such places and watching people smoke can make you crave for one. Being in such places is dangerous because you are used to smoking there that you will naturally reach out for a cigarette. Stay away from these places, try hanging out in parks or non-smoking regions.


Exercising is a part and parcel of quitting smoking. Exercising not only help you stay fit but also help you stay focused. Ever noticed that when you work out you tend to stop eating junk food that may harm your body? Yes, working out helps you skip the things that might harm your body. It doubles your success rate in quitting smoking.

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