Bright and early people! Here are 10 tips which will help you wake up early in the morning



Bright and early people! Here are 10 tips which will help you wake up early in the morning

The morning is quiet as the world hasn’t begun working. Morning is a perfect time for mediation, exercise, reading and writing. Waking up early will give you some extra time to focus and planning your whole day. But for some of the reasons, waking up early is one of the toughest jobs and is the hardest habit to cultivate. Here are some pointers which will help you wake up early in the morning.

Sleep early


Be sensible, if your target is to wake up at 6 am; don’t turn in late to bed the night before expecting to be successful in waking up early on time. You require sufficient sleep to boost and maintain your bodily functions. When you sleep early then, it becomes significantly easy to wake up early in the morning.

 Set multiple alarms and put it really far


Set multiple alarm clocks like 4 or 5 at the same time or five to ten minutes apart from each other. This will cause constant interruptions and ultimately results in waking up. If you are a heavy sleeper, this will do the thing. And the reason behind putting the alarm far is so that you need to get off the bed to reach it, but keep it at a distance where it is audible.

 Plan a routine


A simple routine is important. If you plan ahead well, then early morning wake ups will be so easy that you won’t have to think about them. It does not matter what your routine is. But be specific about those routines so that it automatically becomes a habit.

Morning Exercise


Indulge yourself in physical activities like gym sessions, running, cycling and yoga. If you plan these in the morning, then it will give you a reason to wake up early. All these physical activities from exercising, travelling, working and your body will want the rest at the end of it. This will lead to early sleeping habits.

 Avoid dinner before bed time


Always have a light meal for dinner. And a healthy habit is to eat at least two hours before sleep. This is because the digestion takes some time to process. If you get to bed right after the meal, you won’t be able to sleep until the food is completely digested.

No gadgets in bed


Create a bed time ritual like drinking water, brushing and flossing your teeth right before sleep. Say no to laptops, mobiles, tablets and television that can disrupt your sleep. Instead, you can read a book. It will help you to sleep.

Create an accountability


You can use a partner for early morning exercises. Be it your friends, family anyone. This will help you to work together. You can tell them to wake you up. You can set common goals for the morning like to go for a run or something.

Motivate yourself to never hit the snooze button


Hitting your alarm’s snooze button does not give you a restful REM sleep. It will only make you lazy. Your body and mind is not recovering, and you are just wasting your time.

Drink a glass of water right after you wake up


Keeping a glass of water near your bedside or your alarm so that when you wake up to the alarm, drink that glass of water. Drinking water right after you wake up soothes the system, sending the signal that it is time to wake up.

Leave the drapes and curtains open


It only works if you have a window in your room through which the direct rays of the sun can enter. It helps in waking up early, as the rays fall right on your face.

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