10 home remedies to treat sunburn


10 home remedies to treat sunburn

As summers are approaching, all of us, not just girls but boys too deal with the problem of sunburn and tan. The darkening of our skin tone worries us a lot. We seek remedies to treat sunburn on the internet, from our salon ladies or from friends and of course our mothers. We prepare for our summer bodies, all winter to show off those curves on picnic and beaches and to wear those sexy shorts and go out fishing. But exposing all this skin can cause burn and irritation and tans. Sunburn is, in fact, the bane of summers.

We know you want a way to enjoy this summers without being cursed with sunburns. Here we have some effective remedies to treat sunburn at your home.

Bask with baking soda

Baking soda can be very soothing on the burnt skin due to its alkaline nature. It also has antiseptic properties that will relieve the itching associated with sunburn. An easy method to use baking soda is to fill the bathtub with cold water and add a cup of baking soda. Soak in this water for about 15 minutes and pat dry after getting out of the bath. Do this once daily until you see a positive result. Another way of using baking soda is to make a thick paste with water and apply this paste with the help of cotton balls on affected areas. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash off with tepid water.

Audacious Oatmeal

Oats has been known to maintain that slim body after an intense workout. But the amazing part is that it not only keeps the body healthy from inside but also helps to maintain its beauty on the outside. It is very effective in reducing sunburns. Cook oatmeal with water until you get a runny consistency. Let it cool completely then apply it on the affected areas. Remember not to rub it on the skin just leave it on for half an hour and wash off with cold water.

Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with sunburn and its symptoms. It gives a cooling sensation on the burns. Take a leaf and extract some gel and put it in the refrigerator to cool it. Apply a light coating on the affected area. Allow it to dry completely and let the skin to absorb all its medicinal properties. Repeat this 5-6 times daily until you see positive results.

Black Tea

Black tea is not only great in taste, it also helps to slim down the body. Black tea is also very effective in dealing with sunburns. Tea has tannins that help protect skin from UV rays damage. Brew 2-3 tea bags in hot water. Remove the tea bags and let the liquid cool down for some time. Then soak a cloth in the water and dab it on affected skin. Leave it on until it dries. Reapply two to three times. You needn’t wash it off. Repeat this process daily for a better result.

Cool Milk


Cool milk is one of the cheapest and quickest remedies to treat sunburn. Just reach the refrigerator for some milk and apply it on the skin using some cotton balls. Let it dry and then wash it off with water. Repeat this daily. Milk creates a layer of protein on the skin which helps the skin to recover the loss sooner.

Vital Vinegar

Vinegar is the heart of Chinese food. It not only makes the food tasty but also makes your skin look better. Pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar works great on the sunburnt skin. Take a shower and then apply the vinegar on the burnt areas using cotton balls.

Yummy Yogurt

Yoghurt is one thing that is loved by everyone. It soothes the entire system and is great diet food. Using yoghurt on sunburnt areas is very effective and it also makes your skin glow naturally. Yoghurt is also known for its bleaching properties and it can bleach the facial hair on long term usage.


It has been used since ancient times by Egyptians. Honey is known to heal burns and reducing infections. Studies suggest that it may work better than some anti-biotic creams in dealing with infections.

Ice it up

Applying ice on the sunburned areas is a very effective way to treat the sunburns and to get rid of all the tans.

Cool Cucumber

Cucumber provides instant relief to the scorched skin. Slice up the cucumber and apply on the burnt areas. The antioxidant and the analgesic properties promote healing and relief from discomfort. The redness and pain diminish soon.

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