10 reasons why farting is healthy. I can bet you never knew that


10 reasons why farting is healthy. I can bet you never knew that

Farting is one of the topics that people find really uncomfortable to talk about. Most of us feel really embarrassed and awkward when it happens, warning everyone around us that it is soon going to smell rather unpleasant. However, it is a completely normal bodily phenomenon that we all do. Moreover, having a deeper look, you will find out that it is actually good for your health. It can tell you some very important and serious information about what is going on in your body. Various benefits of farting are:

1. An early warning signal

healthy farting

Your farts can tell you a lot about your health. Even if you find it annoying sometimes, you should be grateful to them because they can be the early warning signals regarding several health problems. High frequency, strong smells or unusual pain while tooting can all be signs of some serious illness. If you are experiencing these symptoms regularly, you should surely mention them to your doctor.

2. They reduce bloating

reduce bloating

Consider when you just downed a gigantic, delicious meal and now you are sitting with a fat stomach happily in a corner. However, it is not only you feel five times your size, you actually are. When your body has to digest a large amount of food, it stores excess water, and your intestines start producing an excess of gas. Once you let that gas loose, your stomach will feel much relaxed and better, and you will feel easier to button your jeans.

3. The stench is good for you

smell fart

It might be quite astonishing for you, but it is really healthy to smell your own farts! Studies prove that there are some ingredients in your gas that can protect from some harmful disease. This is all due to hydrogen sulphide, the same chemical that gives your gas that rotten egg smell. Though in high doses the chemical can be poisonous, but when taken in small amounts, it can protect your cells and helps in preventing heart attack and stroke.

4. It can help sort out your nutritional needs

We all know important nutrition is, but did you ever wondered that your gas could tell you what is missing in your diet? Different types of food lead to different types of gas, which can tell whether you are consuming too much or too little of something. If your body rarely have gas, your diet is probably deficient in fibre. Good sources of fibre are green vegetables, whole grains and lentils. Too much consumption of red meat can cause a bad smell and is a warning that you should cut down on those burgers and steaks.

5. Farts are a sign of healthy bacteria

healthy gut

Thinner people toot more often and are happier! The main reason behind this is that people who eat healthy, generally have higher intakes of fibre and eat more vegetables and fruits that stimulate digestion. They give your gut bacteria more to work on, leading your digestive tract to practice more, which leads to more production of gas.

6. It is healthy for your intestines

You might remember from your childhood that your parents always asked not to hold it inside. It is not very healthy and not advised to hold your gas in always. Once in a while will not do any harm. However, if you are habitual of holding it back, it will affect your intestinal activity, which can cause painful cramping. It will be much better just to let it all out and relax your intestines.

 7. It is good for the colon

“Holding” any type of natural bodily reaction is not good for health, whether it is urine, bowel movement, or gas. However, in social situations, there likely is not much harm to hold in an embarrassing toot. Those with digestive issues, however, should know that holding in the body’s attempt to release byproducts of the gastrointestinal system is potentially dangerous.

8. Indicates healthy digestive system

good for digestion

If your farts smell too bad or it is quite frequent throughout the day, you probably suffer from some digestive issue. Typical farting at regular intervals indicates a healthy digestive system in our body. Human stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, it can dissolve metal. It is one of the surprising facts about human body that we didn’t know.

9. Prevents many diseases

Farting reduces harmful and toxic gases from our body, which leads in healthy internal organs and reduces the chances of many diseases like heart attack, dementia, strokes etc.

10. It just feels  good

feel good

Let us be honest: There are only very few things that feel as good as just letting it loose. It has its own reason why it is funny when someone just lets one go. You might feel awkward, you might blush, but if you are continuously holding everything in, you are going to feel really pathetic. Probably, now you do not have any reason to hold on – go ahead and just let it out!

So next time onward, you probably need not feel ashamed of yourself and accept it as a very natural phenomenon, which is actually for your own good. Let your body be at ease and do not hold it back!

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