Building Blocks of a Vehicle

Building Blocks of a Vehicle

It is easy to go to a showroom and admire the brand new motorbikes, cars etc. But what’s admirable is a great deal of mechanism and effort that has been put in to assemble all the parts to present to you this beautiful piece of engineering.

Building Blocks of a Vehicle

Today, this article is dedicated to that engineering and all the back-end work done by agencies to bring the best of best to you!

  • Motorcycle Parts

Building Blocks of a Vehicle

Motorcycles usually have the same parts as an automobile with certain difference pertaining to the smaller size of the bike compared to a car.

  • Battery– The battery has the same function in bikes, like cars. Its function is to provide a quick burst of energy to get the bike started and keep it running. A 12-Volt battery on a motorcycle is basically siccing cells in a plastic box.
  • Wheels– Wheels are round metallic structures at front and rear of the bike. They receive power from the engine via transmission and convert it into motion.
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  • Brakes– Motorcycle brakes’ purpose is to stop the bike. They come in two types- drum or disc. Disc brakes are considered better for wet conditions or big bikes because they have superior stopping power.
  • Carburetor– A carburetor blends air and fuel, which is needed for combustion to take place inside the engine. It is a metallic structure with chambers, valves, and tubes.
  • Chain– The chain connects the transmission to the rear wheel and converts the power from the engine into motion.
  • Chassis– It is also known as frame, suspension or front fork. It is the frame that holds the rest of the bike’s part together,
  • Clutch– The role of the clutch is to transmit power in the form of motion, from one component to other.
  • Drivetrain– The drivetrain consists of the engine, a carburetor or a fuel injector, transmission, chain, shift lever, and clutch. The drivetrain provides the bike with power.
  • Engine– The function of the motorcycle engine is to convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotary motion. Motorcycle’s engine is very much similar to that of the car. It consists of a head, which further consists of a valve train; a block of cylinders and pistons.
  • Exhaust system– It releases waste gases produced by the engine through a tailpipe and outside the rear of the bike.
  • Filter
    • Air- The air filter keeps the dust and other particles from getting into the engine.
    • Oil- The oil filter keep the junk out of the oil which could otherwise block the engine.
  • Handlebars– It is the steering mechanism of the bike. It also holds the brake control and gear changer.
  • Odometer– Keeps a track of the number of miles the bike has traveled.
  • Shift Lever– It is used to change gears and is located on the left handlebar.
  • Suspension– The suspension serves the dual purpose. One is to protect the rider from bumps and road vibrations and in turn, keep them comfortable and safe. The second purpose is to contribute to the braking and handling of the bike.
  • Tires– They are the inflatable rubber tubes attached to the outside of the wheels. The pattern of grooves on the tires is called Tread. Tread provides friction that the bike needs to grip the road and keep the bike from falling.
  • Transmission– Transmission delivers power from the engine to the rear wheel through a set of gears, clutch and drive system.
  • ATVs

Building Blocks of a Vehicle

The term ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. It comprises a variety of models and styles designed for different purposes. These vehicles have different names like-

  • Four-wheeler
  • Three-wheeler
  • Quad
  • Quadricycle
  • Quad Bike

They are usually designed for off-road or private land use. They are commonly found in the military, agricultural areas, nature preserves, outdoor labor jobs etc. All the ATVs operate on low-pressure tyres. These tyres are the most prominent feature of the ATVs. You can find cheap ATV tyres and replace those worn out tyres today!

Tyres might be the most prominent feature of ATVs but the engineering that goes in all the other parts of it is commendable. The true detailing lies in the nitty-gritty of these ATVs. You can find the best and highly recommended Honda ATV parts here.


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