Important Features in A Trusted Donation Platform for an Effective Online Donation Program

Features of Donation Platform

Important Features in A Trusted Donation Platform

Installing a donation platform is considered an effective way to gain reputable donors. You can gain the best result through your website, possibly exceeding your expectations. The performance of the donation platform can’t be separated from the features installed. The list below is considered some features which commonly installed in a reputable donation platform.

Fast Checkout Feature

This feature is a valuable system where the donors are able to donate their money in the most convenient way. A reputable online donation technology accepts most all payment systems. For example, the feature helps the donors to transfer the donation via card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and even ACH bank payments.

Feature to Increase Donation

The main goal of installing a donation platform on your website is to gain more and more donors. It is not only about installing the platform and let the visitors donate the money. There are some things you can do to increase donations. You could give donors the option to make their donation a recurring one, allow for special donations in memory/in honor of a special someone, and many more. The point is that these features can help boost donations.

Feature to Share Your Donation

Besides using a platform with a feature to increase donation, you also need to make sure that the platform has a feature which helps to share the fundraising or donation program. Indeed, you still have to promote the program so people around the world know about what you are doing. The main purpose is to involve donors to help share awareness of your organisation to the world. A good donation platform can share a donation program in several ways effectively. These include popup forms, social media sharing, and sharable messages on donor walls.

Safety and Security Feature

Absolutely, you must install a platform which offers high-tech safety and security features. This is because you will be processing data and money from your donors. Make sure that the system protects the data and the transactions from identity thieves or any kind of cyber criminal. Some popular features are including fraud detection, tokenization of financial data, and also SSL or TLD encryption. As the result, the online fundraising transactions are kept safe.

Donor Management Feature

At the same time, you also need to manage the data and the money from the donors. Just imagine if you had to manage the process yourself, without any technical support. Donor management features have an important role to complete the donation process successfully. A good platform can manage donor profiles, important donor notes, data collection, and management of custom questions.

The explanation shows to you that any nonprofit organization needs a reputable online donation platform with these features. These features are valuable to help donors donate their money in the most efficient way. At the same time, the donation platform helps the users to manage the donation program effectively. As the result, it is not only the website owners and the fundraising creators who are satisfied with the result but the donors too. For your reference, you can use a donation platform such as Donorbox to help you.


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