How to Repair Lawn Mower Engine


Your lawn mower might stop working for a number of reasons. Thus you must know about the engine and its parts in order to repair it. You do not need to have a degree to repair your mower. You can repair the engine of your lawn mower independently, and this will save your money as well as time.

Following are some problems that might be present in the engine of your mower and their solutions:

  1. You must be disconnecting the spark plug

This is to ensure the mower does not start suddenly while you are still working on it. You might end up losing your fingers if such an incident happens thus it is necessary to be careful. You must never forget to wear your eye protection as bits of metal and gasoline might get into your eyes and harm them. You can also consider wearing working gloves to avoid sharp edges and infections from dirt. You can read Greenworks mo40L2512 review on

  1. First, diagnose the problem in the engine

You must check your spark plug before opening the mower and disassembling all its parts. You can guess quite a lot of issues that might be happing inside the mower. One such example is the meltdown. If you see melted metal around the spark plug gap, it might be due to a low-quality oil present in the mower’s engine. You must consider changing the oil.

  1. You must check the ignition system

Magneto is the most used ignition system in mowers. You must check the gap between the magneto and the flywheel magnets as this very important. You must check the wiring well to find out any wear or tear causing the problem. The testing process is straightforward you need to connect the end of the spark plug to a metal that is grounded and check for a spark when the mower starts. You must not touch the spark plug to avoid getting hurt.

  1. Checking the carburetor

The carburetor causes troubles in lawn mower engine in most cases. It is the most important part of an engine which has four strokes. You must clean the carburetor very well to repair it. The gasoline leaves behind a varnish in the carburetor after a year, and you should remove it completely.

The most common issue faced by the carburetor is clogging of the jets.  The jets can be detached in case of few models. You have to pass a small wire through them to clean them. The carb in the main body has holes which also get clogged, so you need to clean them in the same manner as the jets.

  1. The fuel tank of the mower

If you find a problem in the engine of your mower, there is a possibility that the hole in the gas cap is blogged. Use a piece of wire to clean it. You must clean the fuel filter. If the gas flow is still not increased, you need to clean the pipes with the help of a cleaner.

  1. Checking the spark arrestor

Many do not consider this to be an essential part of the engine of a mower. However, it is present in all engines that are used outdoors. The work of the spark arrestor is to catch a spark and prevent fire. These spark arrestors usually are not detachable, and in case you need to clean it you can use a brush to do so.


These steps can be beneficial while repairing the engine of a mower. If you follow them with full concentration, your work will be easy. There are chances that some parts of the engine are damaged beyond repair thus you have to buy a new one and replace them completely.


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