20 facts about Mark Zuckerberg that you might not know

Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg- the man who changed the way in which the Internet is viewed today. You cannot really define the success that he has achieved at such as young age.

With a net worth of  $51.8billion, Mark is one of the most famous people on the Internet. The man who can easily be the role model of anyone has some facts which you probably won’t be familiar with.

1. He was brought up by a Dentist and a Psychiatrist

Source: Vanity Fair

Mark Zuckerberg was brought up in New York along with three of his sisters Donna, Randi, and Arielle.

His father used to work as a Dentist while his mother was a Psychiatrist.

2. He started programming at a Very Young Age

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Your Story

He was initially taught computers by his father who also taught him the basics of programming.

Later a tutor was hired to teach him how actually to code. He was called a prodigy by the developer David Newman.

His father had him join a graduate course in programming while Mark was still studying in high school.

3. His first website was hampered with the security as well as violated privacies

Source: DW

While Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard, he developed a website ‘hot or not’, which was called Facemash. This website took images of people from across Facebook of the college’s houses.

But due to this, there was a massive backlash in the life of Mark as he was banned from using the Internet of Harvard and was accused of breaching the security as well as privacy.

4. He is Green/Red Colourblind

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Usabilla

Zuckerberg is known to suffer from color blindness to red as well as green colors. This means that he can more easily see blue in his life. Now, you get the reason behind Facebook is blue?

5. He left Harvard to live his dream

Source: Quartz

After being coded, the website was initially named as Thefacebook, which was a website for the college students to connect.

In later years, he left college and move to California where he found an investor for the project he was building. It was in the year 2005 that Mark finally bought Facebook.com

6. Social Network was a metaphor

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Pinterest

The film which was released in the year 2010 had a line saying that “You cannot get 500 million friends without making any enemies” and in the movie, Zuckerberg was portrayed in less than flattering light.

After winning four Golden Globes in the year 2011, the producer of the film acknowledged Mark by saying “ I want to thank everyone at Facebook; Mark, who allowed us to use his life as well as his work as a Metaphor.”

7. He met his wife while standing in a line for the bathroom

Source: Los Angeles Times

Zuckerberg met his wife at a party and after that, they started dating on and off. She was one of the few people who joined Facebook initially.

She moved with Mark in the year 2010, and they got married in the year 2012 as soon as Chan finished her High schooling.

8. He’s been through several legal charges

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: The Boston Globe

Zuckerberg became a billionaire by the age of 23 and during this time he was accused of numerous charges such as theft, blasphemy, and many other things.

His longest battle was with the two twins who claimed that Facebook was their concept. In the end, the battle ended with Zuckerberg paying them 65 million dollars in the year 2009.

The group again went back to the court in the year 2011 claiming that Facebook was hiding facts that were important for the trial however later decided not to go to Supreme Court for review.

9. Every year he sets some self-improvement goals

Source: Inside Self-Storage

This billionaire is known to set himself some new goals for self-improvement. In the year 2009, he used to wear a tie to his office to show that he was very much serious about his company.

In 2010 he learned Mandarin a language that his Facebook profile says he can speak. In 2011 he ate only the animals which he killed by himself and in 2012 he promised himself to code every day.

10. He has signed off a giving pledge

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: The NonProfit Times

In the year 2010, Mark signed off a giving pledge similar to Bill Gates as well as Warren Buffet, which promised to donate at least half their wealth to charity.

Till now, there are almost 122 billionaires who have signed this pledge.

11. Many companies had approached Zuckerberg in past

Source: Britannica

During the early days of Facebook, companies such as Yahoo as well as MTV Networks approached Zuckerberg to advertise them on his website.

However, the billionaire turned them down not wanting to sell out.

12. He had many job opportunities as a child

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: SNOMED International

While still in high school, he received job offers from companies such as Microsoft as well as AOL.

This was the time when he had designed an artificial intelligence program that aimed at allowing copying the user’s music listening habits.

13. Mark Designed his first program at the age of 13

Source: Team Croco

Mark while still, 13 designed his first computer program which was called the “Zucknet.”

This was a basic network that connected his family and allowed them to send messages to each other by pinging.

14. His Dog has more followers than most of the people in the world

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: CNN Business

Yes, Zuckerberg has a dog named Beast, who has a Facebook page dedicated to himself. The dog is known to have a

whopping 2 million followers.

15. He is also the king of Google+

Source: Give Up Internet!

In the year 2011, Zuckerberg surpassed even the founders of Google concerning the followers on Google+.

16. You cannot block Zuckerberg on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Tech Caption

Yes, this is something that you might not have tried before. But don’t waste your time doing so.

However, if interested then go to the link www.facebook.com/zuck and see what happens. Let us know when you successfully block him out of your profile.

17. He annually earns $1 at Facebook

Source: Verdict

Yes, this might be surprised but being the CEO he only earns this much amount of Facebook, that too ANNUALLY.

18. He learned Chinese for his Girlfriend

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: CNBC

Yes, Zuckerberg learned Chinese in the year 2010 so be able to communicate with his girlfriend. Sweet, isn’t it?

19. He has two names apart from the famous Mark Zuckerberg

Source: YourStory

Yes, Mark is known by the name “Zuck” amongst his friends. However, his mother calls him “Princely.”

20. He had a business card named “I am CEO Bitch”.

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Fossbytes

Yes, actually he did. Pretty cool isn’t it?

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