10 extraordinary things about the life of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Source: Al Jazeera

As we all know, Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States. Donald Trump is a businessman and a politician. He has been doing some great and some not so great things as a person.

The most diplomatic remark anyone can make for him is that ‘eccentric’ but now the love-me-or-hate-me statement doesn’t apply more appropriately. Here are ten things about the life of Donald Trump.


Donald Trump
Source: Newsday

Believe it or not, sometimes he has shown understanding to some people.

After Jennifer Hudson’s mother, nephew and brother were murdered Donald sheltered her and her family at the Trump International Hotel and Tower for free, and he once rewarded a bus driver with $10,000 as the bus driver stopped a young woman from leaping off a bridge to her death.

He can manage everything

Source: Urban Education Journal

Donald doesn’t see any problem with running a business while running the country.

Before the elections, he said that he has blind trust in his children to manage his business while he is managing his country.

So Trump is quite relaxed and confident about it.

Trump proved his business acumen

Donald Trump
Source: The Fact Site

Donald Trump showed his business acumen in just three months. In the 1980s the famous Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park was damaged, and the renovations were six years overdue and way over budget.

Then Trump put up some money and got the rink fixed. One of trump’s legacy as a business legend.

Not an alcoholic

Source: Politico

Trump doesn’t drink alcohol at all. His brother was addicted to alcohol and died because of this addiction in 1982. Donald Trump has never smoked cigarettes or done drugs too.

He launched his own board game. Trump started his own board game which was all about making money in real estate.

Players will flash the powerful trump card at each other to end all the negotiations. The consumers were not interested in the challenge, and the game was discontinued.


Donald Trump
Source: CNBC

Trump almost filed for bankruptcy in 1990 due to some personal and business debts.

He then ceded 50 percent ownership of the casino to the original bondholders who lowers his interest rates and extended the loan so that Trump had more time to pay off the debt.

Today, Trump owns more than 100 companies.

Military Academy

Source: CNN

Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy by his parents when he was 13 as he was an active child.

They thought that he would become disciplined too. He graduated from the military school in 1964.

Miss Universe organization

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

Trump has owned the Miss Universe Organization since 1996. Then NBC became a joint partner of the organization with Trump.

This group also produces the Miss US and Miss Teen USA pageants.

Professional football team owner

Source: CNN

Donald Trump purchased the new jersey generals who were the part of the United States Football League.

The league shut down soon after the 1985 season as it did not come too successful like other football teams.

He hates hand-shakes

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

Trump is a germaphobe, and he hates shaking hands as he has this fear of being exposed to germs.

He also refers to shaking hands as one of the curses in American society.

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