5 Museums to Visit in Ontario’s Capital

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Some Ontario cities are thought to be on the more costly end of the scale. Having said that, keep in mind that places like Toronto, which have high living expenses, also frequently have employment that pays more. Cities have a high cost of living because of growing house prices. The cost of Ottawa homes for sale is high. Ontario is a province in eastern Canada that, like many others, is home to wonderful natural attractions. The province is also one of the densely populated and is home to both the capital of Canada and Canada’s largest metropolis in terms of population. Ontario is home to numerous national parks, popular tourist attractions like Niagara Falls, top-notch public schools, free healthcare, and the option to live in either the city or the country. However, there are still a lot of additional factors to take into account, especially if you’re planning to relocate to one of the major cities. If history and science are your interests, Ottawa, Ontario, is one place you shouldn’t miss. Ontario is home to several fantastic museums. Here are 5 Museums in Ontario’s Capital You Should Visit.

1.Canada Science and Technology Museum

Canada’s largest science and technology museum, which is only a short distance from downtown Ottawa, offers visitors of all ages an excellent hands-on learning experience. Discover some of Canada’s most significant scientific artifacts. Take a ride on actual trains, participate in intriguing experiments, and discover how science and technology impact our daily lives for yourself.

2.The Bytown Museum 

Experience the unfiltered, unadorned, and unforgettable tales and artifacts of the people who helped to shape Ottawa into what it is today! The Bytown Museum, established in 1917 and located in Ottawa’s oldest stone structure, offers exhibitions, activities, and special events that explore the early history of Ottawa, from the creation of the Rideau Canal to the establishment of the city as the country’s capital, and beyond. 

3.Canadian War Museum

Through a sizable collection of relics, heartfelt human accounts, works of art, and stunning photographs, learn about Canada’s military history. Learn about the human conflicts that have formed the world, Canada, and Canadians. The expansive LeBreton Gallery, which features a Voodoo jet, tanks, artillery, and a variety of other military vehicles, is a must-see. The Museum’s enormous permanent exhibition, which details Canada’s military history from antiquity to the present, is the centerpiece of any visit. The War Museum, which is close to downtown Ottawa, offers a stunning venue for exhibitions, public programs, and other events that highlight how human conflict, both in Canada and around the world, has altered the face of the planet with its award-winning, deeply symbolic architecture.

4.Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

You’re in for a fun family learning experience! Your senses will be awakened by this adventure in the open air as you learn about the wonderful world of agriculture and food. Visit the animal stables and look around the fascinating displays. View examples of sustainable energy in the museum’s display. 

5.Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Visit one of the best collections of military and civilian aircraft in the world to learn about aviation history, and look to the future with the exhibition Green Skies Ahead, which explores the next 50 years of advancements in carbon-friendly air travel. All ages of space enthusiasts will enjoy getting a close-up look at the iconic Canadarm and learning about a day in the life of an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) at the Living in Space display.

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