Unusual Things You Might Not Expect to Discover When You Travel Abroad

Traveling opens great doors of discovery for all who do it. Travel affords the best exposure to the world around us. It offers unforgettable lessons and allows you to enhance the power within yourself. When you are in a foreign land, you acquire new opportunities—opportunities to learn new words, new dances, and taste new flavors.

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Here are some unusual things you may not expect to discover when traveling abroad.

Unwalkable Roads

You may discover there are places where cars drive within inches of store doors. There are no sidewalks on that entire stretch of road. Traffic uses the whole road to get to their destinations faster. Even motorcycles do not give way to pedestrians.

In other areas, pedestrians walk at a constant pace to cross highways. They walk across the road as cars avoid them, driving at high speeds.

Fish Bottle-feeding

In Thailand, there is a bizarre attraction at the floating market in Ayutthaya. It is a popular tourist attraction in the area. You will see fish bottle-feeding. As soon as the fish spot the rubber teat, they rush to be the first to feed. You can witness this phenomenon in other places in the world. However, the floating market in Ayutthaya is spectacular.


Have you ever heard of a Beijing bikini? It happens in China and Southeast Asia. Men tie up their shirts and show their bellies. It is not unusual to see this happening during the scalding hot summer months. 

It is also perfectly acceptable in public. So next time you are in China and Southeast Asia during the hot months, try it out! The probability is that no one will judge you or even notice.


The smell of the maple syrup plant in Canada or a bakery in Paris is unforgettable. The scent of local specialties will stick with you for a long time. It does not matter whether it is the welcoming smells or those that make your eyes water and your soul cry. 

There is something about smells that reignites memories. So, as you travel abroad, do not just take note of the sceneries—also take note of the smells.

Unusual Scenes

There are many unique, unusual, and beautiful places around the world. Some scenes are strange and one of a kind. Hence, the need for traveling and enjoying these unique and unusual places. These places include the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Pamukkale in Turkey, and Lake Hillier in Western Australia. These are just a few of the unusual scenes you may encounter as you travel.


Traveling is magical. It is beautiful and delightful in a way that refreshes you from your daily life. There is so much more to discover. Thus, keep an open mind as you travel.




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