How social media made this generation insecure

negative impact of social media

These insecurities are very dominant in one’s life.          

Insecurity can appear in various forms. It is said that the most compatible way to bully someone or make them unsafe is behind the screen. It is proven to be the goldmine as we can never judge that who could be behind this shameless activity. The reason behind this is that we trust people very quickly, but we always have doubt on our confidence as people can change their mind according to the circumstances. Social media is one of the best platforms to interact with someone, but it is equally hazardous. We can only grab the details from the social media account. But until and unless we meet someone directly we can’t be sure of the person.

False impressions:

negative impact of social media

We can’t find out easily about impressions. Perceptions may differ from each other. Through social media networks we can get as many friends as we want but the thing is that we can’t find the worthy friends. Usually we suffer from many traumas where we have to choose from 2-3 parts. People can do anything to seek the attention of the crowd. We never know what the reality behind the face impressions is. Some people will evaluate the situations as per the need. For example in face book we have an option of expressing our feelings but we can never rely on the status. This is the primary factor that leads to the insecurity.


negative impact of social media

As per study we know that mostly face book or twitter identities made are fake. This is the reason why we can’t trust the people who are found on any social media networking sites. But it is not 100% correct also. We have something called miracles in face book which has worked for many friends. Well that’s only 2% possibility when you have secure connections. The people who use fake identity are more vulnerable to the disaster revolts. They can use your character for any particular use and then you won’t be secured anymore. Security comes from the trust, and when you are not at all trusting on your contact, apparently you will face the wrong outcome.

Risk of depression:

negative impact of social media

Some people use these social media networking sites as their life experience. Whereas other people use it as an entertainment. You can also feel depressed by the on going activities of the people on the social media networking sites. If we get addicted to the social media networking sites, then we force ourselves to get affected by the liveliness. We can’t resist our self any more from being apart from the anxiety or depression. When we start getting prevailed by someone it means that you are insecure and can be a victim of depression anytime.

Social competition:

negative impact of social media

The running competition of the social networking sites is becoming dangerous. People want to explore more and aim more. In this run we forget that we are including all the age groups to this dilemma. People are striving to get more views, likes, comments while uploading any pictures. We become very insecure when we don’t attain our desired expectations. This social media is only for expressing the happiness or joy. If we take it in a wrong way, we can lose our self-respect.

Wastage of time:

negative impact of social media

In our generation, many people are using this social media networking sites for the self-sympathy. We often waste our time in the operation of social media networking sites. Looking for different views or opinions can be amusing things especially when we have very much interest in someone’s personal life. Unconsciously we waste our much time in the social media attractions which result in the insecurity in our life. Management of time is paramount.


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