How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter

How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter

Take Care of Car Engine in Indian Winter

How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter

With the monsoons nearing to end, the winter season is around the corner. This season calls for higher maintenance of your vehicle. Besides poor visibility and frequent fogs, the winter season can also have an adverse impact on your vehicle due to skidding issues, wear and tear of tires, thereby increasing the chances of an accident. Additionally, the cold temperature may have an effect on your car engine and electrical circuits.

Following are three tips to take care of your car engine during the Indian winters.


  • Check the battery

How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter


The car battery is one of the most crucial components in the smooth functioning of your vehicle. This auto part, therefore, requires utmost care during the winters. The cold weather may reduce the battery performance up to 50%. The winters cause the fluid in the battery to thicken, making it difficult for the current to flow easily. To avoid such a situation, you may perform a battery voltage test just before the onset of the winter season. If the battery does not function well, you may replace it with a new one. Alternatively, you may get it charged in case the battery is discharged. You may also check the battery terminals to ensure that they are free of corrosion and that there is a proper flow of charge.


  • Check the coolant

How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter


Not many may know this, but the coolant in your four-wheeler prevents the engine from freezing in the winter. For this purpose, you may check whether the coolant level is up to the mark. Also, ensure that there are no leaks in the engine, since leaks may cause the coolant to drain out. It is recommended to use a 50-50 mixture of water and coolant, as it is possible that the engine freezing point may go below than that of the coolant, during the cold temperatures.


  • Change the engine oil if required

How to Take Care of Your Car Engine for Indian Winter


To avoid cold start problems, you may replace your current oil with clean and high-quality engine oil. You must use the oil that is recommended by the car’s manufacturer. Once you have changed the oil, you may give it a few minutes so that the lubricants circulate through the engine and the vehicle warms up thereafter.

Besides the aforementioned tips, you may safeguard your vehicle from the winters by purchasing a car insurance policy. In case of an unfortunate accident due to fog or road blockages, your insurance provider will cover all damages incurred. Besides, the policy will also pay for medical expenses incurred due to the treatment of bodily injuries.

Moreover, many insurance providers offer the benefit of engine protection rider. Such an add-on offers coverage against all expenses incurred towards oil leakage, water ingression, hydrostatic lock, and damage to the gearbox, among others. Investing in a car insurance policy, therefore, protects your prized possession against the harsh winters and offers the much-needed financial security.


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