10 breeds of dogs you would love to pet

10 breeds of dogs you would love to pet

Be it a long day at work or a fun holiday, who doesn’t want to come home to someone who loves you unconditionally? To someone who is always willing to give you a kiss or just curl up on the couch with you and add an extra smile to your life. Well, they are man’s bestest friend after all, and they live up to the tag. Here is a list of ten breeds of dogs anyone would love to befriend-

1. Chihuahua


From the Taco Bell commercials featuring them to the streets that they walk, these adorable dogs have taken over the world. A national dog training education specialist at Petco, Fanna Easter, recommends them as your perfect partner. They are a part of the American Kennel Club’s Toy Group, which includes dog breeds that make you happier without asking for much in return. They occupy less living-space, and hence fit well with the present day lifestyle. Chihuahuas can stay in apartments which make them a perfect choice for bachelors and newly wed couples.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

If you’re looking for a dog which you can wrap your arms around and which fills your couch, a retriever is a perfect match. However, as Labs are a part of the AKC’s Sporting Group, it means that you’ll have to invest time with the pup in order to keep it well exercised. They were bred to work with humans which make them an ideal companion, however, they have an additional burst of energy which calls for their need of exercise.

3. Maltese


This is another toy breed which makes them excellent lap dogs. They are ideal for people who like keeping multiple pets, as they get along with not just other dogs but cats as well. Since they shed very little hair, these happy dogs can give blissful happiness to someone allergic to dogs.

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4. Bichon


Stated as one of the most lovable dog by PetMD’s list, this happy and playful pup only aims to please. Known for its affectionate nature, it gets along well with kids as well as anyother pets you might own. However, you need to spend a lot of time with them as they are bred to stay with humans.

5. Golden Retriever

golden-retrieverAlthough this breed needs a lot of exercising as well as fur maintenance, this dog makes an excellent companion. It gets along with kids and its shiny fur will make you want to stroke it for hours.


6. English Toy Spaniel


These small regal pups are said to be gentle, happy, playful and loving by AKC.AS cute as they might look, English Toy Spaniels are extremely intelligent too. Their small size ensures that they can stay in apartments with ease. They make good family companions, are children’s favorite and fill your life with color.

7. Bloodhound

bloodhoundTo those who are not into lap dogs, bloodhounds are an excellent choice. These large dogs are perfect to cuddle up with or to shower with hugs. However, their dominant nature calls for the owner to be alert and to make sure that the hound knows who is the alpha in the house.

8. Bulldog


Titled as one of the most affectionate pets by PetMD, Bulldog is a heart-warming pet to have. Though it has contentious facial features, they don’t seem to be coming in the way of its popularity. Warm, charming, docile and devoted, the bulldog is everything you could possibly ask for and more.

9. Irish Wolfhound

irish-wolfhoundIf dogs had their own giraffe, this beauty would take the prize. Known to have an appetite for exercise and hence the athletic build the Irish Wolfhound is large and heavy. It has a wide range of emotions ranging from “gentle when stroked to fierce when provoked,” as stated by the AKC. Although it takes up a lot of living-space, and needs room not just to dwell but also to play around, this canine makes up for it all by being the lovely companion it is. They are known to be excellent home dwellers and fill your life with joy. If you are looking for love in your life, Irish wolfhound is your bae!

10. Papillon

papillonOne of the smartest dog breeds known to man, the Papillon makes for an excellent watchdog and a constant companion who never leaves your side. Though tiny, they have bravery beyond measure, which is why they are often described as big dogs in little bodies. This makes it a win- win situation for the owner. Not just do these wide-eared canines occupy less space, but they also keep you safe from anything big or small. So, if you have a Papillion at home, you can go out for drinks without a thought about the burglar alarm going off.

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