10 Signs that show it is time that you walk away


Love is a beautiful feeling. But when this love only becomes a pressure in your life, controls your life, then it is the right time to end your relationship. You don’t find reasons for your sadness, and changes in your attitude can be seen by others too.
Here are the 10 signs which clearly show that it is time for you walk away from your relationship.

1. NO future of you both together


It is only because of sex you are together. But maybe someone better is waiting for you out there. So why waste time with someone who will never be your future, rather try to find someone who is capable of becoming your future and try and nurture your relationship for the same.

2. When your friends tell you that he is not the right one for you


Friends know about us and care for us a little bit more than they do for themselves.  They are always right about you and maybe they had warned you about this guy also. But you were in love and not able to understand them.But, now in the end we hate the fact they were right and we were wrong.
They see over the romantic-cute gestures and that is why you should just listen to them and get out of the relationship.

3. NO more second chances left for him


All the second chances, ever he has taken , they have broken you even more from inside. There are no more second chances left for him. And you if again takes it , he will again break your trust. So why complicate it more and hurt yourself rather just let him know the truth and leave him.

4. You can’t see the love in his eyes


You will always be able to see the love, care and feelings in your special someone’s eyes. If you can’t see them in his eyes anymore, like it used to be earlier then you don’t deserve him. You deserve someone much better than him.
It does happen that people change and grow and fall out of love.You need to be strong enough and find someone who will always treat you the way a woman should be treated.

5. NO more seem to care


They forget about all the important dates and other things that were really important to you because they no more seem to care about you anymore. You are no more their priority and there are no conversations happening between you.

6. You miss your past now


You have suddenly started missing your ex or your single life more. You can’t spend pyjyama nights with your girl-friends anymore and you need to tell him about everything in your life.

7. He doesn’t instantly reply to your messages


He always so busy in his life and doesn’t reply to your messages, but is always online. And whenever you meet him, he is always busy on his phone. He has given you more than 100 excuses for the same and has made you believe that it’s nothing, but his demanding work. You have had a numerous fights and arguments for the same also. Girl it’s time for you to wake up and see the reality. This is one of the things people do in a relationship that are even worse than cheating.

8. Doesn’t share his private life with you


He is extremely personal about his life and doesn’t tell you anything. You don’t know a secret or any personal detail about him. He neither wants you to meet his parents nor his friends. He hides his relationship in public and expects the same from you. Why would a guy do that? He will only do this if he is hiding something from you. There is no successful relationship without complete transparency.

9. If you want to hang out with him, it should be convenient for him


The plans you both make should be convenient for him. It doesn’t matter, if you are free or no but if the plan is not made according to his schedule, they can be canceled at the lats minute also. You may have to cancel your plans and drop everything if you want to meet him.

10. Burden more than a relationship


Your relationship has become a burden in your life and is ruling your life. You can’t do anything according to your wishes and have to follow or act according to someone.  A happy relationship can never be burden in your life it will be your life. These little mistakes you make in your relationship can turn out to be huge.

This is very upsetting when it happens. But take a firm decision, as this is not how it should have been. The right man will always treat his lady better than anyone can.


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