10 things people do in a relationship that are even worse than cheating

things people do that are even worse than cheating

10 things people do in a relationship that are even worse than cheating

Cheating has always been considered as the cancer of a relationship. It ultimately kills relationship off. But there are some things that are even worse than cheating. These are no less than parasite slowly eating away the roots of relationship leaving it nothing better than the empty trunk of the tree once called relationship. Often people tend to do certain things. Some things people do in a relationship that are even worse than cheating. Knowingly or unknowingly, these are some of the evilest things one can do to their beautiful bond of love. You might even be a victim of this parasite if the following things are happening to you or you are doing these things. It’s better to sit and talk in such cases and find an apt solution. Here are a few things people do in a relationship that are even worse than cheating.

Lying pants

If you are always wearing your lying pants and you are putting your lovely relationship at stake. Lying even at the smallest thing is worse than cheating. Imagine one day your partner finds out all about it, how devastated he will be. If you are hiding things from your partner just to protect their feelings then you probably shouldn’t do that in the first place. You are just weakening all the trust that was built up all this time.

Lack of communication

Not communicating properly is almost same as killing the whole relationship. A relationship is built on few basic foundations, one of which is communication. If you don’t communicate, then it means that there is no exchange of ideas and thoughts, which basically means that you are staying with a person you don’t even know. Isn’t it like burning the whole happy relationship alive and watching it struggle?

Being adamant

Being stubborn and not at all willing to compromise even the slightest to make the relationship work is like injecting that parasite into your relationship. You cannot just bury your partner under the burden of cooperating in order to make things work. It’s not right to expect them to compromise just because you are too adamant to contribute even a bit.

Staying together just because you know no other way

This is the worst you both can do to yourselves. You don’t just have to be in a relationship even though nothing is working out and all the love is gone just because you have known no other way to live. Don’t be afraid to go solo just because you have not been single for so long now. Staying together in a relationship where nothing makes sense is like going on a suicidal mission.

Condescending your partner

Talking down your partner just because you are far more intelligent than them is another thing that is even worse than cheating. you think that your partner is naïve and gullible and you keep belittling them not even having the thought cross your mind that you are destroying their confidence. You are destroying their personality and damaging them to an extent where no repair is possible.

Mastering manipulation?

Do you manipulate your partner mentally or psychologically just to get your ways out? This is not a sign of a healthy relationship. This simply means that you are dominating the other over-righting his/her personality and leaving him all destroyed. Such a relationship will not last long.

Green with jealousy?

Are you jealous of your partner? Or do your feel that your partner is jealous of you? This isn’t a healthy sign of a relationship. Such jealousy can also turn into extreme possessiveness. Devouring you of any space that you might require to work things out.

Withholding affection

Withholding any kind of affection not only in a romantic way but also not letting them know that they can count on you. In such cases where you withdraw your support for any reason can damage your relationship beyond repair sometimes.

Disclosing vital secrets

Sure sharing secrets is a sign of healthy relationship. But if you start sharing the secret of your love life with a third person and confide in them all the problem you two have then? Do you think anything will then help you save your relationship? sharing secrets about your partner without his/her consent is one way of breaking his/her trust. What worse can you do?

Finding flaws

If you keep finding flaws in your partner and telling them that all they do is just so wrong. This can seriously damage your relationship. Instead of sitting down and solving issues you just can’t go around blaming and fighting each other. This isn’t a healthy sign.

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