10 subtle ways to let him know he is not good in bed

10 subtle ways to let him know he is not good in bed

10 subtle ways to let him know he is not good in bed

It is one of the very awkward situation to tell your guy that he is bad in bed! To improve this, you need the courage to tell your man the truth in a constructive way. Do not discuss it before or after sex and don’t start your conversation like need to talk as it makes him think that as if he has done something wrong to you. Try to start your interaction creatively and with a positive attitude so that it does not hurt him or make him feel bad that he was not good in something in which man are considered as winners.

You have to make sure before such interactions that whether your partner is in a good mood or not?  Choose the right time to tell him that he sucks in bed and how to start your chit chat with your partner on such topics depends on the way you guys converse with each other. Just try to keep your talk very soft and sensitive. Here are some ways to make your lover understand that he is awful in bed.

1. Start with a positive note

Your conversation should be like a three burger parts base layer is a positive middle part is constructive and then the upper layer again positive, i.e., PCP format positive constructive and positive. Firstly, appreciate him what he does good in bed, and then next time you can tell him to do that more accurately as you enjoy.

2. Share or recommend some ideas

It is one of the best and right ways to let your guy know that he can do better and something crazy instead of directly telling him that he is not good in bed. Share some interesting techniques, show him movies like fifty shades of grey, or make him read articles related to such topics.

3. Constructive Criticism

he is bad in bed

Give your criticism in such a way that your partner feel respected and want to listen to you. If your bond is strong with your spouse, then you can use this point and will give you positive repercussion next time you both are in bed.

4. Give one more chance

No one is born with perfection even you can also make a mistake so try to give a chance to your partner and try again. It is well said that practice makes a man perfect. So instead of feeling depressed and frustrated try it again.

5. Teach him how it’s done

It is the perfect time when you can show your creative nature to your partner and improve it. If you want to seize him by the hand and show him what to do with your body. Try some freaky bedroom tactics of the couples.

6. Don’t fake it, if you are not enjoying

Do not ever fake that you have enjoyed a lot as it will help him to know that he is not doing in right way and he need to change his techniques.

7. Make him innovative

It is a bit difficult task to make your guy more creative in bed. Girls love guys who are creative in bed, tell them about your interests and how he can use better ways so that she can gain more pleasure. We are sharing some amazing sex ways to please a woman in bed.

8. switch positions

If it’s not working between you and your partner you need make some changes. Try to do something new if you are bored with old techniques. Switch your positions this will help you in orgasm it will also get you enjoy your sex life.

9. Take the lead

If you are annoyed with your partner’s terrible act in the bed, then take the control and instruct him on how to make you orgasm. Do not act as if you are correcting their errors this might lose their interest and make them feel broken.

10. Give them the knowledge of your body

The most man is not clear with the map of your body and lacks proper sex knowledge. During such situations, you need to step forward to give them knowledge about sex life properly.

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