Ten things men do that make women crazy

Ten things men do that make women crazy
Ten things men do that make women crazy

Yes, it is true that there are various qualities of men that drive women crazy. This creates a lot of mess in your relationship isn’t? So, here’s good news for you! I will unveil some factors which make women go crazy on you. Make little changes and live your life happily.

1. Not bothered to call

women crazy

He is not at all bothered to call you and this is not the case with one guy. It is a problem of almost every single man. They prefer face to face conversations, talking on calls for whole day makes them feel frustrated and useless and for women it is the best work. When man avoids, call this make women feel very annoying and  her this diverts her mind towards negative that whether this relation mean something to him or not.

2. Leaving the toilet seat up

women crazy

Isn’t it true that girls can go crazy on anything and everything? All men have a very common habit which drives women crazy is that after they are done with pee, they forget to put down the seat. As soon as the lady enters the bathroom, she feels irritated.

3. Leaving food out

women crazy

Women hate this habit of men that after taking milk or something else they forget to keep it inside again. Man should understand that they don’t like carelessness with their kitchen accessories.

4. Do not respect her choices

women crazy

It is true that most of the time man do not respect women choices this makes her go crazy as she also has some visions and wishes. A man always wants his women to walk in the field of his options. For example, after marriage she intends to be a working lady or not is based on her man wish, i.e., something very strange. She is not forcing her choices on you then why do you force her to follow your choice.

5. He doesn’t text back

women crazy

It’s wrong on women part that waiting for their text is simply wastage of time and energy as you too have so many works to do. In the starting of the relationship chit chatting every single minute makes you feel good, but soon it becomes the matter of fight between you and your partner. As when they get back your attention and love, you will observe a change in their behaviour. You will not find them same as they were in the begning of the relationship and this makes them feel like unimportant. As for the same time, they were working earlier, and now they are busy and don’t get time to reply you back, though it takes seconds to respond.

6. Emotionally challenged

women crazy

Man is emotionally challenged as they react so strangely if a women cry over her breakup or during a movie, or sharing her day. They don’t like so many emotions of women and tell them that they are totally crazy.

7. Forgetfulness habit

women crazy

The worst thing about a man is that they forget things very easily even they forget their woman birthday or their anniversary. Their forgetful attitude pisses off women a lot.

8. Leaving things on the floor

women crazy

Man creates a lot of mess and keeps their place dirty where they stay. You can easily find that their most of the things are lying down on the floor. It makes a woman think that their man is so lazy, they can’t even pick up and keep things in the right place.

9. Maintaining double standards

women crazy

Women hate those men who maintain double standards physically they are with you, but mentally they are not present.  They hate when their man one side express love to her and on the other hand he flirts with other women.

10. He comes back to you after you have broken up

women crazy

Women don’t like a man who comes back again and again after break up. Frequent texts, calls, and begging her to come back irritate her a lot.

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