10 things that goes in every girl’s mind during one night stand

10 things that goes in every girl’s mind during one night stand

For many of us, the one-night stand is just a fantasy. But some people who have a need for enjoyment and chillness they might have experienced this before their marriage itself. Seducing a stranger can be very exciting as well as it can be hazardous. But if you choose the better person for your one night stand then definitely you can enjoy a lot. This age is of thunder hot sizzling experiences. A girl always plays a shy part of the one night stand but let’s see some thoughts she might be getting in her beautiful experience of a one-night stand.

1. Body hair:


one-night-standA girl when chooses to be in the naked form she believes that the body hair should be completely waxed. It occurs some awkward condition when a girl sees the body hair of the man she is lying with. There should not happen a situation like you wants to crave for some body part and touch it sensually and you get some gross in your hand.

2. Conversations/formalities:


In these types of situations, we never know what should we behave like? Should we act very formally with the stranger or should a girl just take off her shirt? One night stand is all about craving for each other’s body with enthusiasm.

3. Appearance:



Looks matters a lot for many girls who opt for the one night stand. One night of your life is going to be spent with the stranger then it should be very energetic, romantic and cheerful. While having sex you can look for the fantastic and crunchy look of the guy for the refreshment.

4. Discovery of new body parts:


If you have a habit of the one-night stand, then you can uncover all the types of penis men has. You can get a new wonderful experience with different people. Exploring more objects will make you go crazy about the sexual needs.  Sometimes a girl feels like how much he can be so wild to go down.

5. Regret:


One night stand can be impressive, but it can be an immense regret of your life as well. If you are fed up with your boyfriend and need some sexual relief, then you can go for the Stanger, but at last, if you love your boyfriend this remarkable experience will change into a disaster.

6. Judgment:


During this extraordinary event a question definably arises that is that stranger quite capable of giving me pleasure?  A girl might think like what if the person has some disease and having a physical contact with me. Is this worth to do with the person she desires to lie on the bed with?

7. Planning and plotting:

A girl has so many fears about the image and repudiation. While having sex with a stranger, she thinks about the consequences that may happen if we haven’t taken any precautions. She tries to remember about her objects and the clues which may reveal that she had a night with the stranger.

8. Future consideration:

A girl loves to be on a safer side. She believes that if the stranger ever meets her in the future, then it should be totally stranger as during the night out they have seen each other completely nude and if they meet further, they will remember only bout the evening visualization, so a girl prefers to forget at that moment itself.

9. Family:


If the girl is very much engaged to the family then always she will have a fear of getting a call from her family members. She may have I’m afraid if anyone gets to know about this then what would happen to her family. If her family is not so straight forward, then she needs to take care of the family pride and keep these things as a lifelong secret.

10. Goodbye kisses:


The main awkward feeling occurs when it comes the time of goodbye. Does she tell her to be in the contact for long so that whenever she feels like having sex, she can call and make her night? Otherwise, she can just let him go like that and never remember him for this beautiful adventure. There is no need to say goodbye to the person whom you don’t want to remember.

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