Wanna make her miss you? Here are the proved steps!


How to make her miss you?

When you like a girl, you are in a doubt that does she think of you in your absence. Here are some easy tips that will help you know what your feelings actually are,whether it is love or just infatuation? However, do not be worried because if you properly play the tricks, you are surely going to make a girl miss you. You simply have to make her feel that you really like and care for her and make her realize at the same time that you are not always available to her. You need to maintain a balance of talking to her and often staying out of reach. Here are some great tips that can serve your purpose.

Minimize texts and calls

reduce calls

If you actually want a girl to miss you, definitely you must not invest your all the time having a chat with her on mobiles. Try avoiding sending text messages and calling her or else she will not feel the distance between you and her. If she anticipates that you are always available to her, this might create an obstacle in making her miss you. However, make sure that at night you talk to each other. Also, if she calls and you avoid replying her all the time, she may find it rude and will start avoiding you. So do make sure that you do not let this happen.

Reduce your time with her

reduce your time with her

If you wish a girl should miss you then, you probably cannot stay around her all the time. Your absence will make her think about you. You need to give her an opportunity when she desires that it would have been great if you had been with her. However, reducing the time limit does not mean that you hardly talk to her. There should be a balance between how much time you available to her and how much unavailable. You being available to her all the time might end up in her friend zoning you.

Fill your life with joy and adventure

hangout with friends

Make her realize that your life is very enjoyable even if she is not a part of it. You need to let her know that you also have other friends to enjoy with. Dedicate some of your time to your hobbies like cricket, football, basketball, etc. Attend parties, go for treks, movies or just hang out with friends and share these images with her. Staying busy and exploring various things actually makes a girl feel more attracted towards you. However, do not make her feel bad that you are trying to ignore her. In case she is upset with your behavior, apologies quickly and plan something with her.

Make her feel the best when you both are together

make her feel special

The time you are going to spend with her, treat her like a queen. Give her compliments, enjoy every moment of your time and fill her life with joy. Make her realize that the time she spends with you is one of the best times of her life. That is why there is more to a relationship than love.If you are meeting her after a break, tell her that how much you missed her. All these things will make her think about you later and make her miss you more. There is more to a relationship than love.

Your leadership qualities will help

Try to be the person who plays a vital role in making her decisions. Also, it is also important that at whatever place like a restaurant or a movie theater, try being a leader and make decisions. Once she is comfortable with you making the decisions, then whenever she goes without you, she is definitely going to miss your leadership qualities. Also, researchers have proven that women are more attracted to guys with higher confidence and leadership qualities.

Give her small gifts

give small gifts

Give her a gift that is always in front of her. It can be a teddy bear or a picture framed of both of you. These things will make her think about you every time she sees them. Probably, at night she keeps one of them near her while sleeping. These small things make her miss you a lot when you are away from her.

Be the last person to talk to her at night

be the last person to call

You should be the last person at night to talk to her. Maybe you cannot chat with her or be the last person every single night, but make sure to send her a sweet good night message when you are unable to talk to her. Psychological experts explains that the last memory of a person before sleep can sometimes make her dream of it and think about it. Therefore, do include this trick in your plan to make her miss you and dream of you.

These are some of the best advises on how to make a girl miss you and think about you when you are not with them. However, do ensure that you do all the things in limit without hurting her feelings. Do it the right way and she will be right there missing you all the time.

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