10 signs that your relationship has reached its end; either you need to save it or just let it go!

relationship has reached its end

When a relationship starts, it is all lovey-dovey for a few months, but what happens when the honeymoon period is over? You have reached a comfortable spot where you are secure with each other. You guys may be in a rut, or this relationship has attained its expiry date. Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to spot the signs that tell you whether your relationship has reached its end or there is somewhat a chance to save it. Maybe things aren’t the way it used to be. Maybe he/she is not making any efforts, and you cannot figure out why.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you that your relationship has reached its end-stage:

1. No conversation

relationship has reached its end

When you started dating, you used to talk to each other about anything and everything. No topic was off-limit; you were each other’s best friends. However, now when you try to have a conversation with your partner, they just postpone it or worse they would simply ignore you.

2. They are avoiding you


Breakups are tough and full of drama and some people don’t have the courage to be straight up about it. Thus, they would just choose the cowardly path of avoiding their partner until they find the courage to do so. If your partner keeps canceling all the plans or dodging the important conversation, he/she has done with you maybe and doesn’t have the courage to tell you that the relationship has reached its end.

3. They are not making any efforts

relationship has reached its end

A relationship needs efforts from both the partners. Whether it is planning a date night or making up after a fight, putting the effort into a relationship is how one shows that they care about the relationship.

If your partner has stopped making efforts, it is a serious sign that they don’t care anymore and they are done with the relationship.

4. There are no more future talks


There was a time when you and your partner used to plan your lives together, and now he/she doesn’t even want to talk about his/her day or about the together future. In fact, whenever you bring up the future in a conversation, your partner would just change the topic. Of course, the future can be scary, but if you could talk about it in the past, then you need to ask your partner, what has changed now?

5. You are no longer their priority


It is similar to avoiding you, if your partner cancels the plans to spend more time with their friends, it could be a sign that his/her priorities have changed. While it is important for couples to spend some time apart, spending every minute of their free time with others is a serious red flag.

6. No more sex

relationship has reached its end

No more sex does not mean that you have just stopped having sex. It means that if the intimacy between you two has been replaced by high fives and friendly banter, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong. Intimacy in a relationship keeps the spark alive, no intimacy means no spark. If your partner is letting the flame burn out, it could be what he/she purposely wants.

7. They keep talking about break up


Playful banter is okay, but when your partner keeps talking about break up, then it is a danger sign. Putting unfair demand in front of you, or badly handling a disagreement while threatening to break up with you, is a clear sign that your partner is done with you and just finding ways to break up.

8. They are being secretive

relationship has reached its end

You must have seen many movies, so you know how this story ends. If you notice your partner being sneaky, then it is again a red flag. For instead, they are secretly checking their phone, going out with friends that you don’t know about or they don’t share plans with you anymore. These all are clear indications that they are done with you.

9. You feel unappreciated


Do you remember the last time when your partner complimented you or said a simple thank you? No, then it might be the time for you to see the bigger picture. When a person has given up on you, it is natural for them to make excuses for what they are doing is indeed right. Basically, in order to make themselves feel good, they would ignore you.

10. They are suddenly working a lot

relationship has reached its end

Did your partner suddenly turn into a workaholic? They started spending more time in the office; in fact, sometimes they pull an all-nighter. They are so busy that they are avoiding your calls and texts. Hate to tell you this, but it sounds like your partner is done with you and the relationship has reached its end.

So, if you notice the majority of the above signs or even a few of them, it is high time to have a talk with them. Dodging the issue is not going to solve anything, rather talk about it clearly, so that if things are not working then both of you can move on with your lives.

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