Reasons why an anti-social girl is the perfect girlfriend


Most of the outgoing girls appear more intimidating to guys who are quieter themselves; this states that not every guy wants a party girl. Here anti-social means she is an introvert but not really a shy girl. An anti-social girl is that girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She is a girl who will say exactly what she wants and how she feels instead of playing you. Anti-social girls can be great people to hang out with, but it takes a great deal for them to be comfortable around a person. They can have their positive and negative attributes as they have a specific type of person they like to hang out with. Here is the reason why an anti-social girl is a perfect girlfriend.

1. An anti-social girl is more mature than most of the people of her age


They are very intelligent, wise beyond her years, and understand the world and people without even interacting with them. They tend to look at things squarely and always maintain a level head.

2. An anti-social girl knows the value of loyalty and commitment


They are the kind of girls who would never cheat and knows that loyalty and commitment are the two important aspects of any relationship. They are ready to be loyal and committed to whomever they welcome in their life.

3. An anti-social girl has the best set of friends


They may not have a lot of friends, but of the few friends they have can be assured that they are one of the great people you will ever meet. They normally don’t like social interactions and people, thus keep in mind the people they call friends is worth keeping in life.

4. An anti-social girl will never pressurize you for constant hangouts


Those who date anti-social girls won’t have to worry about planning for dates or constant hangouts. They are perfectly happy and fine with the two of you just relaxing around in the house or watching your favorite shows on television.

5. Anti-social girls are blunt and honest


These girls do not hesitate to speak what comes to their mind. They express it whether it is bad or good. They don’t keep things to themselves if they think it has to be said. As they feel like it is important to share it and nothing could stop her from doing that. They will always let you know what they are thinking.

6. An anti-social girl will defend you from those who annoy you


Due to her anti-social features, people will mostly avoid her, and by extension, they might avoid you too. This can work in your favor if you tend to be annoyed by some people you don’t like. Your anti-social girlfriend could act as a shield to protect you against annoying people.

7. Anti-social girls are ambitious and hardworking

Anti social girl

Anti-social girls are very hardworking, ambitious, and goal-oriented. They have lots of dreams for themselves and will stop at nothing to achieve them. These girls understand the value of hard work and having a passion for something. And they don’t even look for other people to get her work done. The witty and smart and knows how to carry a conversation with their wit and charm.

8. They need their own space and respects yours


She will rather let you be on your own instead of sneaking around and forcing you to accompany you. She needs her me-time where she can find herself more intriguing and wants you to hang around with your buddies without any agonizing comments from her. And she is kind of a person who never left you hanging wondering where your relationship is going. If she loves you, she will let you know.

9. She will take no crap from others


If you are dating an anti-social girl, she will make sure that nobody touches you or flirts with you because she is the kind of person who doesn’t take bullshit from anybody. So, if anyone tries to bother her or you, she will take care of it.

10. She is what you see


Anti-social girls are transparent as glass as they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They do not carry any emotional baggage nor do they have any surprises for you. They are what they show, same from the inside as well as the outside, nothing to hide.

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