10 ways to deal with your short-tempered partner


For controlling an extremely intense situation caused by your short-tempered partner; Shut up before they tell you to shut up. This is one golden rule to follow, and it is really that uncomplicated.  If you will keep shut, he will have to shut up too. What is going to do? Argue with themself, no right? While for some this rule might be enough, some need a little extra strategy to get their hot-tempered partner in control. There is nothing worse than handling a short-tempered partner who will not only shut up but won’t even listen to you either.

For all those who are dealing with a short-tempered partner, we are at your rescue. Here are some of the most effective ways to deal with your short-tempered partner

1. Shut up:


I know we girls are not known to shut up, but sometimes men can also be hot-tempered when you are dealing with a short-tempered partner, you have to keep our mouth shut. Be calm and listen very carefully. And never I repeat never say “I hear you” when you weren’t even listening. An intelligent lover will pick you up on that, and it will only make things worse.

2. You have to show your strength:


Strength is not how vociferously you talk back or how much you talk back. Strength is having the control to your anger and show the patience that is required in such situations. I understand you need to justify yourself, but you have to realise that it is a no-win situation and it is better to restrain yourself.

3. Watch what you say:


When you are dealing with a short-tempered lover, the key is less is more. When you decide to say something, remember, keep it short. The less you say better are the chances of diffusing their anger faster. Eventually, they will calm down after they realise that you are not participating in the argument. Let them rant and rave and get everything off their chest; eventually, they will shut up.

4. Think before you speak:


They might not be thinking about the thinks coming out their mouth, but you have to. Most importantly, stick to the subject at hand. The last thing you want is to get way off-topic and fight about the things that are not even relevant at the point. Stay focused and calmer than ever. Keep emphasizing on the main point, it is going to be hard to get it through their thick head.

5. Ask yourself this:


Take a moment and ask yourself this: what is more important; settling the argument or making your point? You have to determine what you want in this situation. If your aim is to settle the argument, then for Christ sake, keep yourself calm.

6. Check yourself:


So they are angry with you, and you want to confront them about it. Wait and check yourself first before you go up to them. Carefully analyse your word before you talk to them. Look for the pros and cons of what might be his reply. In such situations, it is better to initiate the conversation by first taking responsibility for your actions. This will calm them down and be more receptive to what you have to say.

7. Analyse your approach:


Sure you have to put your point in front of they, and that is fair to you. However, you have to pick the right time and place for it. Approaching a short-tempered partner takes planning; it is not like talking to a regular lover. Their impatience can quickly turn into anger so make sure your approach is based on facts, not your opinions.

8. Don’t do this:


There are many things you should not do in front of a short-tempered partner. For instance, never approach a hot-tempered lover when you are stressed out or angry. Don’t overreact and always keep your poise. Calmness is your best friend in such situation.

9. Recognize the triggers:


Now it is time to put some work into the situation. Observe your partner and recognize what triggers their anger. Make it a point to talk to your partner about it without sounding judgmental or condescending about it. Once you both are aware of the triggers, it would be easy to deal with the issues effectively.

10. Encourage them towards change:


Finally, push them towards change that will help them calm their outburst. Inform them about the negative consequences of their anger and encourage towards self-help. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are one of the ways to calm the rising anger of your short-tempered partner.

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