There is more to a relationship than love. Here is why!



There is more to a relationship than love. Here is why!

There is more to a relationship than love. A relationship is easy to make, but it is so hard to make that relationship stronger and lasting. Love is an important factor to make a relationship work, but love is not the only important factor that makes a relationship last forever. A long lasting relationship is easy to establish if we put the spirit of trust and love in our hearts. The relationship is the only thing by which the whole human being is standing. But there comes a time in every relationship when people realize that only love is not enough for their relationship. Here are some reasons that make you believe that love is not sufficient for a forever relationship, you need much more than only love.

Trust and Respect:


When we love anyone, then we trust him or her. Protecting the love is the trust. Trust should be maintained on each side of a relationship. Losing trust is the first step towards losing love. Because when we love someone, we give respect to him/her. One should make a relationship where the freedom and happiness exists.

Ability to forgive:


The ability to forgive a partner increases romantic satisfaction with an increased mutual effort and decreased negative strife. With couples, forgiveness implies the recognition that one has been hurt by the other and willingness to release the negative thoughts and feelings towards that partner. Forgiveness is all about finding a way to go on, dealing honestly and constructively with anger in a way that leaves space for couples to keep on trusting.

Willingness to compromise:


One thing that is more to a relationship than love is compromise. Compromise is something that combines qualities of different things. Compromise does not mean giving up on something; it is a blending of heart and mind which makes a relationship work. Being willing to compromise will encourage new ways to divulge.

Better communication:


One of the most importance skills when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship is communication. If you are not careful, communication can make relationship problems worse. Communication either makes or breaks a relationship. Communication with your partner will help in strengthening the relationship.



Appreciation is one of the keys to building a healthy relationship and it is more to a relationship than love. Giving eye contact and paying full attention when they are talking shows your appreciation. Saying thank you for little things is important. Appreciate what you both contribute in a relationship and share this with each other regularly.

Spending time together:


With a hectic schedule of work, meetings, friends and so on, there is hardly enough time left in a day for spending some time with your partner. People find themselves complaining about how they don’t have time for themselves as to spending time with their partner. This is the reason behind most of the unhappy relationships. Furthermore, if you don’t spend time with your partner, you are slowly letting the distance between you both grow.

Togetherness and individualism:


When you are spending a lot of time with your partner, it can be easy to lose your sense of self. Maintaining individuality is critical to establishing a long lasting, healthy relationship. Equal efforts between attending to you and making the relationship work are necessary. Spend some time alone doing your favorite hobbies, meet with your friends and family. Don’t lose your individuality as it might result in the reduction in the feelings of your partner for you.

Working on common goals:


Relationship goals are crucial when it comes to determining the progress of a couple. Some couples avoid setting goals together because they think it’s a procedure of competition for them. It is good to start setting your goals when you are still together. The common goal could be anything from some financial aspects, career, and fitness.

Your Career is as important as your relationship:


Your relationship influences your career in major ways. If your partner believes in your goals and helps you to accomplish everything in your professional life, you are more likely to succeed in your career. To lead a happy life, you must pay attention to building a strong career. Remember, Love doesn’t pay bills.



Compatibility is a deciding factor in a relationship in the long run. We all have different personalities and interests. If our personality and interests were identical concerning our partner, it would be unlikely for the couple to pursue those interests the same way. Thus, it needs a continual compromise.


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