The Ugly Truth! Here are some dark realities behind online dating that you were unaware of!



The Ugly Truth! Here are some dark realities behind online dating that you were unaware of!

Online dating is a practice of searching for a romantic partner on the Internet, via a dedicated website. Online dating services provide unmoderated matchmaking over the Internet. But there are some dark realities behind online dating that you are unaware of. Users of an online dating service would usually provide personal information, to enable them to search the service provider’s database for other individuals. But online dating often misses out on love as an emotion and relationship as a strong bond. Here are some dark realities behind online dating you must know before you jump into it-

When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for Disappointment:


Some dark realities behind online dating is that it is not what it looks like. You will find yourself more disappointed because the person you found out to be attractive may turn out to be just another unpleasant person looking to correlate with you.

There are some people you are never going to get:


Your target is typically the people that set up interest in you or those you can attract with minimum effort without any push. If you go for people above your pay grade, then you will feel disappointed for even trying.

Be aware of scammers:


Online dating site is a perfect platform for scammers. First, they try to gain your trust. Establishing sympathy could go for hours and last for months. They will pretend that they have a genuine interest in your lonely life. As a result, you will feel important. It is relatively easy for them to give you a run for your money through deceitful conspiracy.

It acts as an invisibility cloak:


One can hide under the disguise of stolen identity or a completely non-existing individual. Creating a fake name, profile picture, and the user’s description are very easy. Thus it’s a perfect approach for distortion.

It attracts hackers:


Online dating sites are not secure. Once your username and password are leaked, the hacker’s job becomes easier to share unauthorised and sensitive information. Online dating sites still keep your information even after you have deleted your account.

Everyone is a liar:


It is one of the dark realities behind online dating, people are faking most of the times. Starting a relationship based on lies is most probably going to end very soon. People there often lie about how they look, how much money they make, their personal information, their interests, their photos and much more. Everybody you encounter on a dating site is using a false identity. As long as you exercise common sense and secure a healthy measure of distrust, you will likely be in a good position to avoid these deceitful profiles. This experience that you get on an online dating site might tend to reduce your affection for meaningful relationships.

To be frank is to be honest:


There are times when people use refreshing honesty. People end up breaking up with their partner saying that he/she is too ugly and is not attractive. They point out their flaws just to end their relationship. Thus, one of the important tools in your dating depository is not complete honesty; it is diplomacy.

The longer you spend online, less likely you will meet offline:


If you engage in communicating with your partner online via text messages and emails, there is a possibility of you two meeting for a date. Do not engage somebody beyond a few rounds of messages until you met.

Unpredictability of meeting the Right people:


If you are attracted to a person just by looking at his/her profile and the personality descriptions, the fact is that you end chatting with that person and manage to ask him/her out for a coffee date. It doesn’t guarantee you that you are going to meet if you thought you would meet. The person’s profile could be a complete fake. This might disappoint you if you were taking things seriously. It gives disappointment to people who have the impression finding their soul mate through online dating.

Changes your personality:


You may have to change your attitude and personality to suit the other person you are talking to. You will think of not doing that, but you will end up doing it falling as a prey to attractive profiles. This will create a sense of craving for you as you are suddenly ready to change for someone you don’t even know.


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