10 Sweet ways to apologise to a girl


10 Sweet ways to apologise to a girl

Have you ever offended a girl? There is less chance that she will forgive you as you screwed up and hurt her feelings. Everybody makes a mistake, but it is important to realise that mistake and asking for forgiveness. It does not matter whether the party will forgive you or not, it is that you have realised your mistake and you won’t be doing it again. Here are some tips on how to move forward and apologise to a girl.

Find out why she is offended


Before you go apologise to a girl, try to find out where you went wrong. Did you say something inappropriate like commenting on someone she loves like a family member or a friend? Did you made fun of her and insulted her? There can be a simple misunderstanding between you two. The thing to do is to figure out your mistake and realise if it was worth it or not.


Don’t create a scene in front of everybody. Apologise in personal


Tell her that you need to talk and pull her aside from the crowd to tackle the awkwardness. Tell her that you never meant to offend her. Don’t wait for too long to apologise. The longer you wait; it will be difficult to convince her.


When you say sorry, make it look sincere


Do not say sorry just to get her off your back. She will see through it whether you are serious or not. There are many sincere and decent ways to convince her that you are truly sorry. Your body language matters the most. The eye contact slightly bowed head. Will do the trick. Don’t rush it, talk in calm and measured voice.


Admit your misbehaviour


You made a mistake knowingly or not. You need to own that mistake to move on. This is an important part while you apologise. Knowing where you went wrong, understanding why you were offensive will show your humility.


Wait for her reaction


This apology is her opportunity to let you know that how it made her feel. Listen to her carefully and attentively and let her finish what she is saying. Do not interrupt her or argue with her.


Ask for forgiveness


If your mistake was accidental, then there is a chance that she will accept your apology and laugh it off the misunderstanding. But if you knowingly hurt her, you need to come clean and say you are sorry and hope that she will forgive you


Don’t be a stalker


Move on once you have apologised, admitted your wrongdoings and asked for her forgiveness. If she is unwilling to forgive you, give her some space and time to heal. Don’t follow her seeking the forgiveness. She will forgive you if she thinks that your apology was sincere and that you admitted it.


Ask her if there is anything you could do


Is there something that you could do to make her feel good? Is there someone else you need to apologise to? Make it clear to her. Show her that you care. But do not do such actions that will indicate that you owe her anything.


Be polite afterwards


Whenever you see her or meet her, treat her with respect. A little humility will heal the wound faster. But don’t act around her like she’s a queen or a VIP, has some dignity.


Remember what you did is wrong and avoid it from happening in the future


Sometimes, after a sincere apology, you may think that you can repeat the whole incident to her or someone else as a joke. But that is rude and disrespectful. You need to honour every girl.


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