10 Romantic Hollywood Movies

Romantic Hollywood Movies

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When you have your holidays going on or the temperature drops in, what’s the best thing you could do? Just curl up in your bed and watch the most amazing and exciting romantic movies.

It is amazing just to sit back and watch movies with amazing love stories and thrill in it. The best part about the romantic movie is that you can watch them anytime if you are getting bored or in search of watching something which goes well along with your fantasies.

So grab a mug of coffee and sit back and enjoy the movies. Here is a list of 10 romantic movies.

1. The fault in our stars

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The fault in our stars was a book published by John Green in the year 2012. It was then released as a movie in the year 2014.

The story revolves around a 16-year-old cancer patient who is forced by her parents to attend a cancer patient support group where she meets a 17-year boy who is also a cancer patient becomes friends.

They soon confess their love for each other and support each other as they both are having severe health issues. Soon Augustus dies and leaves Hazel behind with the book he was writing.

Hazel reads the book where Augustus has written how hurt he is with this world and how he likes his choices and hopes that Hazel likes them too, and Hazel closes the book by stating that she does.

This a love story between two patients who support each other and love each other beyond it.

2. The Notebook

Romantic Hollywood Movies
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The Notebook was released in the year 2014. It is a story about an old man reading a novel to some fellow patient about Allie and Noah who falls in love and starts having an affair.

Allie’s parents restrict her from seeing Noah, and they are separated due to the issues created by Allie’s parents. They try to contact each other but fail in their attempts.

Soon Allie gets engaged with some other guy named Lon but due to some past love, Noah and Allie come back together.  You must be thinking who the old man is? Who is this fellow patient?

Well, it’s an amusing thing you will come to know after watching this amazing love story of Noah and Allie.

3. A walk to remember

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A walk to remember was released in the year 2002. The story revolves around a rebellious teenager who is expelled out of school due to drinking underage.

During these happenings taking place, he notices a girl who he had known since kinder garden. The girl, Jamie warns the boy Landon not to fall in love with her but with spending time together they soon start feeling for each other.

Soon Jamie confesses that she is suffering from Leukemia and hasn’t been responding to the treatment. Soon Jamie gets admitted to the hospital and gives a book to Landon stating that probably he was an Angel God has sent for her during her rough times.

She gets a private treatment done by Landon’s father. Soon Jamie and Landon get married and after spending the whole summer together, Jamie dies. It is an amazing love story about how they kept their love alive all this while. It’s a must-watch.

4. Titanic

Romantic Hollywood Movies
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Titanic was released in the year 1997. It is a seventeen-year-old girl rose who belongs from an aristocratic family and is set to be married as the marriage will resolve her family’s financial problems.

When she boards Titanic, she falls in love with an ordinary boy Jack, who is an artist but her parents are against their relationship.

Soon the Titanic hits an iceberg and starts sinking, and Jack promises Rose that she would die old in her bed, and Jack dies there saving her. It is an amazing love story with many obstacles they both face during their journey.

5. The wedding date

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The wedding date was released in the year 2004. It is the story about Kat who returned to her parent’s place to be the Maid of Honor in her younger sister’s wedding and she comes to know about the perfect man who is none other than her ex-fiancé who dumped her two years ago.

So for confronting her, she asks Nick to act as her boyfriend in front of them but soon they end up falling for each other. A series of incidents take place after this, and all the characters have their happy ending except one.

Watch the movie and find out who? It is fascinating.

6. Serendipity

Romantic Hollywood Movies
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Serendipity was released in the year 2001. It revolves around the love story between a New Yorker and a British lady. Their relationship is short-lived when they let fate determine if they are meant to be together.

Years later they wish that destiny unites them again together. They both love each other but leave the decision on their fates and then wonder if they will ever be together again. It’s a must-watch.

7. Twilight

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Twilight is a series of five films and it is about a girl from today’s generation fall for a handsome boy in school.  She falls deeply in love with me and finds out that the boy is a vampire. Then they start facing their personal problems and how some people disapproved of a human being in a relationship with a vampire. They both loved each other and could do anything so, they continued their love story and ended up having a happy ending. This love story involved a group of vampires, werewolves, and humans which itself becomes very thrilling.

8. Date night

Romantic Hollywood Movies
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Date Night was released in the year 2010. The story is about a married couple who live their life in a routine and a very disturbing pattern with their kids.

With growing time they start getting bored and decide to spice up their relationship with a date. They asked for a date night with a little excitement and glamor, but it turns into more thrills than they asked for.

It is one epic movie. How a boring couple tries to make things around them exciting and it starts happening the other way round. It is a must-watch.

9. The holiday

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The Holiday was released in the year 2006. It revolves around two girls from different countries who swap their homes for the upcoming holidays just to get away from their relationship issues.

Their life changed dramatically when they fall in love with two local guys forgetting about the relationship troubles they faced. The movie is a romantic comedy with a lot of thrilling incidents taking place one after another.

How the girls have problems adjusting their lifestyles and how they end up falling with complete strangers.

10. Pretty woman

Romantic Hollywood Movies
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A pretty lady was released back in 1990. It is a wealthy entrepreneur who hires a prostitute to accompany him to all the social events he will be attending.

The trouble starts when he starts falling in love with her and then decides to maintain a distance due to their entirely different lifestyles and personalities and for the work they do. Will they end up falling in love again? You need to watch this one.

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