10 Mouth Watering Indian Dishes

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Ten Mouth Watering Indian Dishes

Indian cuisine never ceases to amaze anyone. Even after a very long time, we keep coming back to it again and again, the pallet going through more than thousands of recipes and dealing with million of different flavours.
All through this enticing culinary journey, you realise that there are certain popular dishes that are admired as well as relished by all food lovers and are in high demand in almost all of the Indian restaurants. This makes me wonder if Indian cuisine revolves around just these many recipes.
Not really, Authentic Indian Food has many crown jewels hidden in many homes in Indian towns and villages.

Here are a few of them-

1.Biryani ( Veg & Non-Veg) 

Biryani is also popularly known as biriyani or biriani. It is basically a South Asian mixed rice dish. Its roots lie in the Muslim regions that are in the Medieval Indian subcontinent. It is pretty popular throughout this amazing subcontinent and also spreads its wings among the diaspora from this region. It is generally made by mixing spices, rice, and meat together.
Biryani is nothing but a set of rice-based food that is made out of spices, rice (usually basmati) and an optional meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. It has turned into a very popular dish all over the World.

2. Butter Chicken 

Chicken is left to be marinated overnight in a paste of yoghurt and spices. Chicken is then cooked with a special Makhani sauce made of Butter, tomato puree and complementary spices of multiple types that not just gives the dish its unique yet delicious flavour but also makes it taste unique. The dish stands on the top of the list of the most popular dishes known to non-vegetarians throughout the World. It is said to be the pride of Punjabi cuisine.

3.Vindaloo & Rogan Josh

Vindaloo is also popularly known as vindaloo, vindaloo, or also vindaloo. It is basically an Indian curry. It is a dish popular in the Goan region. This area is surrounded by Konkan region and many other parts of India. The cuisine of the Maharashtrian region also includes a great variation of the dish. However, globally it is known in its Anglo-Indian form in the form of a curry. It is popular in curry houses and takes place on Indian restaurant menus. People regard it as a fiery, spicy dish. Still, it is not necessarily the spiciest dish available in the Indian cuisine.

It basically categorises in an aromatic variety of Indian Gravies, a curry dish of Lamb goat or other meats.

4. Tandoori Chicken

tandooriTandoori chicken is a dish that has originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most popular non-vegetarian dishes in India, as well as other South Asian countries. Over the years, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world as well mainly Britain and Southeast region of Asia.
It consists of roasted chicken which has been marinated in a paste prepared with yoghurt and spice mix. The name it holds comes from the typical cylindrical clay oven, also called as a tandoor, in which the dish has been prepared traditionally. This chicken dish is marinated in yoghurt and then further seasoned with tandoori masala

5. Idli-Dosa-Vada with Sambar

 idliPopularly coming from the South Indian breakfast menu, it is made from fermented black lentils in the de-husked form. It is followed by rice which is accompanied with a sambar. A sambhar is a vegetable stew or chowder base that is made with Toor dal and a little tinge of tamarind).

6. Palak Paneer

palak paneerThis popular vegetarian dish makes its position in the list. Consisting of Palak (spinach) as well as Paneer (cottage cheese) mixed with a curry sauce, it has a mind blowing taste.

7. Chole-Bhature

Chole-Bhatura It is a splendid combination of Chole which are spicy chick peas and a fried Indian bread, also popularly known as Bhatoora. Bhatooras are made out of maida flour.
It is a part of the North Indian Cuisine Menu and has its origination in the Punjab province.

8. Dal makhani

 It is a delicacy hailing from Punjab province and is an excellent source of abundant protein and fibre. Lentils and beans are cooked in a traditional way in the base of a tangy masala with dollops of makhana or fresh cream added to it which gives it the delicious finishing touch.

9. Malai Kofta

 Malai-KoftaMalai refers to fresh cream and koftas are nothing but deep fried veggie balls. These constituents are together blended with a creamy lip smacking saucy Indian curry.

10. Naan-Parathas

 naanThey belong to the most popular variety of Indian flatbreads in which the Naan is baked in an oven.
Parathas are made from whole wheat flour cooked on an Indian Tawa.

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