You will love your Mom more. Here are 10 reasons why “Ghar ka Khana” is always the best

Ghar ka Khana

Eating outside has become a staple trend nowadays. We no longer choose to hang out with friends without having someone else prepare our meal. We eat fast food, treat ourselves at lavish restaurants, snack on hot dogs, order take out and munch on wings and fries at some sports bars during the game. Eating has become a stream to socializing, you know, like a sidekick or something. However, people who cook their meals at home tend to consume fewer calories, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat than those who choose to eat outside. Basically, why go outside and waste money and risk your health when you can cook healthy and nutritious food at home(Ghar ka khana) only without spending too much?

Here are 10 benefits of Ghar ka Khana:

Savor your meal:

The act of preparing your own food will result in a new found love for the food you consume. This plays a very important role since mindlessly munching on outside food leads to weight gain because you are not aware of what you are eating. However, when you know what you are eating at home, you will have more control on your overeating.


Ghar ka Khana

Outside foods are known to be disreputably high in calories, sodium, fats, and carbohydrate and likely to contain ingredients low in nutrition level. In fact, even when you chose a healthier and low-cal option outside, chances are they also contain a high level of sugar and fats. Whereas, when you are eating at home, it allows you to cut on unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients out. You are in control of the food that you cook and consume.

Gets you in a healthy routine:

Cooking at home can help you get that healthy lifestyle; you have been talking about for so long. Cooking at home will help you discover healthy recipes, learn more about food, create a meal plan. Plus with your healthy lifestyle, you can inspire your family and friends too.

Knowledge about food:

Ghar ka Khana

There is more to food than filling your appetite. What you eat can cause sickness, inflict pain, and can heal too. Cooking your own food can teach you which food item is high or low in minerals, vitamins, or other nutrients. It will help in boosting your creativity as you will learn to combine healthy foods to satisfy your palate.


When you cook at home, you know what is in your food, but can you say the same thing for outside foods? No, you cannot. When you cook for yourself, you will make sure your kitchen is clean, and dinnerware is sterile. While when you eat outside, you have no idea where the plates have been or whether the kitchen environment is clean or not.

You will be aware of the food allergies:

Along with controlled nutritional intake, cooking for yourself would also help you avoid food allergens. Nuts, Gluten, and shellfish are common allergies that are found in folks, and these are common ingredients in many meals.

Helps you create a better bond with your loved ones:

Ghar ka Khana

Eating at home helps in improving the family dynamic. Children are greatly influenced by the practice of preparing and eating meals together. It is also an effective teaching tool for parents of cooking and eating meals together. In fact, studies have shown that family reduces the risk of psychological issues in children.

Healthy portion:

Restaurants are careless about their meal’s portion, which may lead to overeating and later obesity. Whereas, preparing the meal at home allows you to take a controlled portion and control the temptation of overeating.

A money-saving idea:

Eating out is expensive. It is more efficient to purchase groceries that ordering takes out every day. While there is a continuous debate on which one is more money efficient – cooking your own meal or eating outside? But between all the health benefits homemade food offers and all the health risks outside food offers; I think homemade food is undoubtedly a better option.

So, now, after going through all the above-mentioned points, don’t you think “Ghar Ka Khana” is just invincible?

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