10 ways to cure and stop snoring



10 ways to cure and stop snoring

People who are looking for the ways to cure and stop snoring needs to first know about snoring and how it occurs. People who snore often have too much tissue on their throat and nasal regions, which is prone to vibrate. It happens when you cannot move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This makes the tissues to vibrate, thus snoring. It is known to increase with age. To cure snoring, it is important to find how and why you are snoring. But, it is not important now as there are solutions to cure snoring without knowing its origin.

Change sleeping positions


Sleeping on your backs can make your tongue to fall and block the throat during the sleep. Changing position like sleeping on your side can prevent the tongue to fall back and block the throat. To prevent from rolling back onto their backs, one can use pillows.

Reduce alcohol intake


Consuming alcohol relaxes the airway muscles more than normal causing airway collapse and worsening of the snoring. Limit your alcohol consumption and do not consume it just before your bed time. This will definitely help cure and stop snoring.

Quit smoking


It causes inflammation and nasal congestion, resulting in the blockage of the airways. It causes snoring. As all the smoke is gathered around the nasal and throat regions, the tissues and the airways get blocked. Quitting smoking can help reduce snoring and improve your overall health.

Form a regular sleeping pattern


Manage to sleep on time and wake up on time. A good sleep will make your body relaxed, and all the bodily functions will tend to work properly. Hitting your bed at a routine way can help you sleep better and minimize snoring.

Weight loss


An overweight person tends snore more, as there is excess of fatty tissues around their nasal and throat regions. They even complain about breathing problem. This is because the airways are blocked with those excess tissues causing difficulty in breathing. Shedding some weight can reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and can decrease or stop snoring.



Exercise can help stop snoring. Exercising your arms, legs, abdominal also lead to toning the muscles of your throat. Cutting some extra fat, this, in turn, can lead to less snoring.

prevent sleeping with your mouth open


If you think that you snore with your mouth, keeping your mouth close during the sleep will help in reducing the snoring. If you tend to find it difficult to close your mouth while you sleep, you can use specifically designed mouth guards and adhesive tapes.

Prevent nasal collapse


If snoring starts in your nose, preventing your nasal to collapse may help. It allows air to move slower. A hot shower before the bed can help you open the nasal passage. Or one can use some form of adhesive nasal dilator strip placed over the outside of the nose to keep the nasal passage open.

Stay hydrated


Drink plenty of water. The secretions in your nose and soft palate become stickier if you are dehydrated. It can create more snoring. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. It not only prevents snoring but is essential to stay healthy.

Check for allergies


Infections and inflammations caused by allergies are a common cause of snoring. Check for dust mites, pet hair and wheat husks, all those who are responsible for your allergies. Change your bed sheets every two days to prevent bed bugs.

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