How to get Slim?

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How to get Slim?

Trendy diets can be an expensive alternative for losing weight and get slim. They may suggest removing certain foods or entire food groups from the diet plan. If you are the one who finds it hard to give up your regular diet, there are small changes required in your diet, lifestyle and exercise get slim in a more natural way. Now let us look to the measures of how to get slim?

Eat until you are satisfied


Your body has the capability of its own to manage portion sizes. Eating only until you gets satisfied can be helpful in cutting out extra calories and stick to smaller portion sizes.
• Stop eating when you feel satisfied or are no longer feeling hungry. If you stop eating when you are full, that means you have had too much.

Consume leaner protein foods


In addition to eating smaller portions, try to include foods that are healthy and low in calories into your diet. Incorporate leaner protein foods to minimise the number of calories you eat.
• Lean protein foods have less fat, calories and are higher in protein content. Also, they can help keep you full longer, and you will have a lower urge to snack throughout the day.
• Lean protein foods include low-fat dairy products, eggs, poultry, seafood, legumes, pork, lean beef and tofu.
• Try including a source of lean protein in each meal or snack. It will meet your daily requirement and make your meals more balanced.

Go for whole grains


Try to choose 100% whole grains as often as you can for the maximum nutrition benefit.
• Whole grains are less processed and are higher in fibre, protein and other essential nutrients.
• Whole grain foods that you can include in your daily diet include brown rice, millet, oats, quinoa and whole grain bread.
• Refined grains are way more processed and have much lesser nutrients as compared to whole grains. You can have these type only occasionally.

Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables


• Fruits and vegetables, both have low-calorie contents, but high nutritional value. Therefore, making half of your snacks and meal a low-calorie diet can help you cut down on the overall number of calories you consume every day.
• Also, both fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibre. Along with proteins, fibre can help you feel satisfied and keep your stomach full for long. It will help you consume lesser diets without feeling much hungry and help you lose weight quickly.

Limit high fat and processed foods


Irrespective of the way you are following, be it a commercial diet or a more natural diet plan, you will have to limit higher calorie consumption and higher fat processed foods. These types of foods will restrict weight loss in the body.
• Processed foods typically have higher calorie contents and lower nutritional value. Most of the nutrition are lost in the processing of these products and are just a source of higher calories.
• Please try to avoid foods like cakes, processed meats, pastries, cookies, frozen meals, canned foods with added sugars, crackers and chips.

Drink lots of water


Adequate hydration is not only important for overall health but also can help you lose weight naturally.
• It is usually advised to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. But you can even drink 13 glasses for more health benefits. However, this will depend on your age, activity level and gender.
• Drink a glass or two of water right before your meal, and you will be left with only very little space in your stomach to eat. This will help you eat less at your meal.

Start exercising regularly


In addition to baseline activity, it is mandatory for you to indulge in regular, well-planned and structured physical activity. This will help you lose weight at a greater pace.

  • As per the recommendations of various health professionals, you are advised to do at least 150 min of aerobic exercises every week. You may also exercise half an hour daily to maintain your physical health.
  • Initially, you can aim for moderate-intensity activities like jogging, running, aerobics classes, swimming, dancing, etc.
  • Along with the mild aerobic exercises, also include strength and resistance training which helps in building lean muscle mass and increase the calorie burning capacity of your body.
  • Cycling is also adviced by fitness coach for weight loss. Regular cycling burns calories. Spin bikes can be a good alternative for cycling at home. Get the latest reviews of spin bikes and everything you need to know before buying

Get more sleep


• Studies show that without an adequate sleep each night, there is an increase in levels of ghrelin or hunger hormone in your body. It creates an urge to consume more snacks and discourage weight loss.
• Aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Following some of these simple tips and practising them into your daily routines can help you achieve the body shape you dream of.

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