How to lose 10 pounds in a week naturally?

How to lose 10 pounds in a week naturally?

Considering the healthy weight loss, it is usually 1 to 2 pounds in one week. Losing 10 pounds in a week can be risky, and is advised not to be done very often. Still, you can attempt it for once in a while. To lose 10 pounds in a week, you will need to burn approx. Extra 3,500 and 5,000 calories more than you are consuming each day by restraining your diet to small quantities of nutritious but low-calorie foods and vegetables, and by significantly increasing your regressive exercises with regular interval training, various sports, and other vigorous activities. This goal is a bit risky, but yes, you can do it definitely. While you can certainly lose 10 pounds in one week, do remember that it won’t be pure body fat. While the maximum of the weight loss will certainly be from your body fat, you may also drop some pounds by losing excess of water weight. Here are few steps you to know how to lose 10 pounds in a week:

Eat fewer carbohydrates and focus on consuming more lean proteins


Reducing your carb intake will lead to a noticeable amount of weight loss, from both of your body fat as well as excess water weight. Consuming more protein will also help and maintain proper strength in your body without causing any sort of weakness.
A decrease in carbohydrates consumption for short-term can also help reducing water weight and bloating.
This is the reason why people who start low-carb diet plans often notice a difference on the scale very soon, maybe as early as the coming morning once you have begun the diet.

Eat whole foods and try avoiding most of the processed junk foods

No junk food

These foods are very filling, and will it easier to consume lesser calories without feeling too much hungry.
Try to avoid most of the foods that might be highly processed.
Grabbing mostly lean proteins & low carbohydrates will be very satisfying even if you are not getting as many calories as you are habitual to consume

Here are a few simple tips to reduce calorie intake:

Count calories you consume: Weigh and maintain a log of the foods you are eating. You can use a calorie-counting app or tool to keep track of calories and nutrients that you take.
Eat only during you meal timings: Put a stop to all snacks and do not eat anything at all after dinner.
Cut your condiments: Remove sauces and calorie-dense condiments from your diet.
Feed on veggies: Pile up your plate with lots of vegetables and reduce starchy carbs and additional fats for a week.
Consume lean proteins: Have lower-fat proteins, like chicken and fish.
Do not drink your calories: Drink water, zero-calorie drinks. Protein shakes will do fine if you are counting them as a meal.

Start weight lifting and try high-intensity interval training

weight lifting

Resistance training, like weight lifting, will also help in the similar amount of weight loss when compared to regular aerobic training. It will also help you to improve muscle mass and strength
Complete-body resistance workouts are also great plans to lower your body carb stores and water content weight, which will result in a sharp decline of weight.
Lifting regular weights will also help in protecting your metabolism and hormonal levels, which often gradually decline during dieting process.

Replace the simple carbs with complex carbs.


Unlike simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates are rich in fibres as well as many other nutrients and are decomposed and released into our blood stream far slower. The way you prepare your nutrition plan can have a very strong influence on your bodyweight. A few Nutrisystem before and after success stories will definitely motivate you.Some of the Examples of complex carbohydrates include:
• Whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, and brown rice
• Beans and legumes, like lentils, carrots, and sweet potatoes
• Fruits and Veggies like asparagus and apricots

Get involved in a sport


One of the greatest things about sports is that they are competitive. Competition makes you push yourselves harder than we normally are. It is not about being good or comfortable in playing sports. Play for fun and eventually, you will start feeling embarrassed in accepting defeat from your friends or competitors. It will trigger your instinct and let you put more efforts in it. So start burning your calories out there in the field.

Dance the night away


One of the best methods to get on to your aerobic training is to start dancing. It can be in your room as each one of can be most comfortable there. You can get the hang of dancing classes in your locality and tap your feet on different rhythms. You can try some sort of basic jazz or pop or may be hip-hop classes if you are acquainted already or you find the music or dance moves comforting.

So, these can be the various and fun loving ways which will help you reduce your pounds at a rapid pace making you feel more confident about yourselves. Also, get set to give your taste buds some rest as you might miss some of the flavours you have been looking for. But after all, it would be all for your benefit and will be worth it. To know more about how Chris Pratt lose his weight in very short time. You can check for more health related articles.

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